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About Obesity Control Center

Obesity is more than a health issue. It is a social, relational, psychological and emotional disability that can overwhelm your ability to enjoy life and experience it to its fullest.

Most people that struggle with weight issues find themselves in a cycle of failure and disappointment as they move from one diet plan to the next...only to discover the frustrating yo-yo effect of gaining and losing and then gaining it all back or even more.

Unless an individual has the personal drive, financial means and unlimited time to address their overweight condition through the help of trainers and nutritionists, generally a sense of hopelessness sets in.

Into this difficult situation enters the Obesity Control Center®. With offices in Baja California and Cancun, Mexico, the hospitals that feature Board Certified surgeons and gleaming facilities with only the most advanced technologies. As the world leader in weight loss procedures, OCC guarantees the highest level of patient safety, exceeding all U.S. standards for surgery.

Having performed more than 16,000 Mexico bariatric surgery procedures, our hospital focuses exclusively on obesity control and weight management and is recognized as the leader in this field. We are proud to perform advanced procedures such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass in Tijuana. Recently featured on the Oprah television show in a segment on teen obesity, Dr. Ariel Ortiz ® is the world's premier surgeon in this important area.

At Obesity Control Center®, be assured that your health is in good hands. Our weight loss surgical hospital is dedicated to excellence in patient care and in making your surgical experience as relaxed and stress free as possible.


Learn what is available to you at our center as well as the surrounding areas. Preparing for a safe bariatric surgery in Mexico should be planned in advance.


Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

View before and after photos from our patients and read their success stories.

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