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Our History - Obesity Control Center in Mexico

In 1996, after 10 years of medical school, internship and general surgery residency, Dr. Ariel Ortiz ® completed his studies and after being awarded the National Achievement Award in General Surgery was invited as guest of honor to a very unique seminar-one that would prove to revolutionize the way the world views weight-loss surgery.

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Our History Starts in 1996

During that event he met Dr. Mitiku Belachew, the innovator and designer of the adjustable gastric implant to be used for weight-loss. Eventually this would become known as the Lap-Band, an abbreviation for laparoscopic band. At that point, Dr. Belachew had performed 300 procedures, and bariatric surgeon Dr. Ortiz subsequently learned this innovative surgical technique directly from him.

Eventually the manufacturer of the Lap-Band invited Dr. Ortiz to become its consultant, proctor and course director. The next five years would be filled with traveling to hospitals in the United States, Canada and other countries where he trained hundreds of surgeons on weight-loss surgery and gastric band techniques while performing the surgery himself on countless patients.

Year 2001

In 2001, the procedure was officially accepted by the FDA and immediately became a popular weight-loss solution in North America. It was at this point, with five years of surgical experience with the procedure, Dr. Ortiz decided to open a hospital that would allow thousands of individuals to experience the freedom of weight-loss surgery through a caring team at an affordable price.

Year 2004

Obesity Control Center® was formed at that time and, nearly a decade and more than 9,000 procedures later, OCC is now the world leader in weight-loss surgeries. Having perfected many additional techniques over the years, Dr. Ortiz is now turning his attention toward creating the industry's most advanced follow-up and post-op program in the world.

The Center is also revolutionizing tracking, wellness and educational programs and is considered an expert in Healthcare Tourism and the specific needs of the traveling patient. Obesity Control Center® is pleased to have recently been awarded the most distinguished honor in the medical industry when it was designated as an International Center of Excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation.

Obesity Control Center is a leading provider of weight loss procedures in Mexico. Led by renowned bariatric surgeons Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez, the practice provides Tijuana gastric sleeve and Lap Band procedures. OCC is also a top choice for gastric plication and gastric bypass Mexico patients.


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