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Your Bariatric Care Team at OCC

At the Obesity Control Center®, our entire team of Mexico weight loss surgery experts is prepared to help determine and then meet all of your needs throughout your weight loss journey. You are not in this alone.

Meet The Bariatric Surgeons

Dr. Ariel Ortiz ® and Dr. Arturo Martinez are considered world leaders in this field. They have performed more than 20,000 weight loss surgeries and have exclusively dedicated their entire practice to performing weight loss procedures.

Along with a world-class surgical team, we feature a staff of medical personnel and technicians who are specialists in this field. These include anesthesiologists, cardiologists, nutritionists, and follow-up physician and a staff of professionals to ensure that your experience is a positive one in every respect.

Most importantly, Dr. Ariel Ortiz®   and his team take a very personal and compassionate interest in your specific situation. Just as no two people are alike, likewise your needs and concerns are unique to you. The OCC team understands and takes the time to know you and come alongside you in every way, including addressing family and financial concerns as necessary.

Physician Team

Our team of physician extenders provides education and care to bariatric surgery patients. Our bariatric program coordinator is the liaison between the facility and surgical practice, supervises program development, patient and staff education, interdisciplinary team meetings, and ongoing Centers of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery program compliance.

Oscar Uribe Núñez, MD


Lucia Chavez, NC

Chief of Nutrition

Karla Vazquez Izazaga, MD

Bariatric Coordinators

Patient Coordinators

Our patient care doesn’t start when you see the doctors, it starts from the moment you first contact us. That is why, unlike other companies, we do not work with brokers. We hire our own coordinators and work hand in hand with them to provide you the best and most personalized attention possible. Our coordinators work only with OCC and are all patients themselves. Our coordinators are well prepared to answer all your questions regarding your surgery and, when necessary, or at the patient’s request, can arrange phone consults with our surgical team to provide you the best service.

Lori Wrights

Lead Coordinator

Ora Herrera

Patient Coordinator

Carolyn Williamson

Patient Coordinator

Efren Coria

Patient Coordinator
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