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Efren Coria - Patient Coordinator

Efren Coria  Patient Coordinator


What do you think?

I used to be skinny most of my life but my battle with weight began when I turned 40. I tried all kind of diets with some results but right after all the sacrifices I ended up gaining back the pounds I had lost plus a few more. My weight fluctuated throughout all these years and it really affected me, until I came to the OCC to have the Gastric Plication. I went from 300~ lbs to my current 185 lbs. 

I cannot tell you how my life quality has improved and how happy I am now feeling so complete. My only regret is not having it done before, hehe.

Here are my before and after pics (it's a miracle I even have a picture from then since I felt so bad I always used to run away when I noticed there was a camera in the room).

I totally understand what you are experiencing and I'm more than happy to help you go through all this process.
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