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Lori Wrights - Lead Coordinator

Lori Wrights Lead Coordinator

Lori's background has always been based in customer service. She studied business management in school and from her first job as circulation manager for an investment newsletter, an Office Manager for a Vocational Rehabilitation firm specializing in injuries related to workers compensation, to working as a Marketing Analyst at a small, boutique bank where she worked with customers to develop new products and offerings to meet their needs.  Her goal has always been to discover better ways to meet the needs of customers.    She believes her calling is in serving others and trying to find ways to meet their needs.

Lori has been with OCC since 2006, she started as a Patient Care Coordinator shortly after coming to Dr. Ortiz for her Lap Band Surgery.  She is now Lead Patient Coordinator overseeing our team of coordinators and making sure that all patients get the information  they need to choose the best surgery for their needs as well as acting as a liaison between the patients and the surgical team.  In addition to assisting patients with their pre and post surgery needs, she also runs our online support groups and forum and is constantly working on finding better ways to provide the support our patients need before and after surgery, and to improve communication between patients and OCC.

Lori's Testimony:

"I get a lot of private messages from people asking how i've done with my sleeve, how i've REALLY done long term... i think so many things have failed for us over the years, that we are afraid to believe that this could really work and be long lasting. I had an appointment yesterday with my doctor, and I was cold so I had on jeans, tank, shirt, sweater, scarf, and heavy socks and boots... so i was seriously winter dressed(don't we all usually wear "lightweight clothes" when we know we are going to get weighed lol)... weight on scale fully clothed was 147.1. I'm 5'7, the jeans I was wearing were a 6 (i go between 4 & 6 and an occasional 8 depending on brand and how i want it to fit. I had my sleeve surgery 4/12/2012 so i'm almost 6 years out (my original band surgery was 6/2006 you'll find more info on that in my blog). I did go under 140 for a short time (naked weight) after my surgery, but it was too skinny for me (and way too skinny for my hubby!) - i'm really happy mid-140's and haven't had trouble maintaining this. So it really DOES work... you have to work it too... but when I say I love my sleeve, I really do love my sleeve!"


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