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Mexico Customs and Immigration

Please read below some of the requirements when traveling to Mexico. Patients will NOT be admitted for surgery without the required documentation.


Mexico Customs and Immigration now requires an FMM form completed and stamped as you cross into Mexico. Please complete this form online for land border crossing at El Chaparral. You can simply put in Obesity Control Center on Leona Vicario when it asks for address.

Please use this link https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/en/solicitud.html to complete the form and then fax a printed copy of the FMM form to OCC along with a copy of your Passport within the next 24 hours.

You must bring your passport and the printed FMM form with you, and you must get the FMM form stamped at customs, to get into Mexico. Mexico also requires that you keep your Passport and stamped FMM form with you at all times. Failure to have the completed and stamped FMM form and Passport with you could cause issues during your stay in Mexico or you could have entry denied when trying to enter Mexico. Patients with Dual Nationality must also bring and send OCC a copy of their Mexican ID (Passport or IFE) or Permit of Residence in Mexico Patients will not be admitted for surgery without this completed form.

If your Passport or Passport card is expiring within 6 months you will be unable to compete this form online, please get your passport renewed and fill out online, otherwise your entry into Mexico will be delayed while you fill this out in the Mexico Customs Office.

The online FMM form can be completed within 30 days of your actual surgery date, so if you are scheduled more then 30 days in advance, please take care of this once you are within 30 days of your surgery date.

These rules also apply to your companion(s). Please make sure they have a valid passport and complete the FMM form and return to OCC with a copy of their passport.


If you have any questions please contact our concierge at 1-866-893-8005 ext. 80 or email concierge@obesitycontrolcenter.com.

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