An OCC Exclusive, Custom Designed, With More Than a Decade And a Half Experience.

Because our passion thrives through your success, we provide all the tools needed to make your weight loss journey as easy as possible.

The OCC App – Real Time Reporting 24/7

  • Smart Scale Sync
  • Weight Loss Tracking
  • Pre and Post Surgery Care/Alerts
  • Nutritional Surveillance
  • Food Log/ Bar Code Scanner
  • Sleep Pattern Tracking
  • Water Intake Log
  • Calories Intake/ Calorie Expenditure
  • Pedometer
  • Before and After gallery
  • OCC Social Community/ Social Media Enabled

Simply step on a Smart Scale* and the OCC App will capture your Body Fat%, Total Body Water, Lean Mass and Weight, and the report back to our expert team. Based on these results, pre-programmed algorithms will alert us of any adjustments needed in your program, on the fly, 24/7 for a continuous uninterrupted weight loss, preserving lean mass, and optimal hydration.

Works with Any Device

While using the latest technology in developing the OCC app, we made sure it can be accessible from any device, smart phone, tablet and computer. Since it is cloud based, your information will always be accessible and safe.

Safe and Private

Our cloud based data storage is safe and encrypted. It will not clutter up your device, but is readily available at a moments notice. Best of all it is always reporting back to us, 24/7. Our nutrition and physician team are ready to respond on any alert created.

Dr. Ortiz on “The OCC App”

We are proud to introduce our own OCC app, after many years of research and our in-house developers, we finally did it! We know that the OCC App will help you reach your goals.

About The Food Log

We provide more than 8000 records of food for nutrient values and weights for edible portion, this information is gathered trough the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service and other reliable sources.

About the Exercise Menu

Our exercise menu is composed of simple icons representing your favorite activity: running, hiking, weight lifting, yoga, we got it all. Once you select the icon you simply do your routine and the App does all the calorie expenditure tracking for you.

Smart Weight Loss Success

For those who want to streamline the follow-up flow, can take advantage of getting a smart scale that will automatically integrate with the OCC app, for more information please contact us.