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Use the sliders to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), and whether or not you should contact OCC to schedule a weight loss surgery consultation.

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BariClip Surgery at OCC

BariClip Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

The BariClip procedure at the Obesity Control Center in Tijuana, Mexico is a safe, effective bariatric procedure that reduces the size of your stomach with a simple "clip." At OCC, located right outside of San Diego, California, our state-of-the-art facility holds the world's highest safety standards, exceeding many American hospitals.

Who is a Candidate for BariClip Surgery?

Are you struggling with excess weight?

20-30 pounds overweight or less?

Want to shed the extra pounds permanently?

Tired of dieting?

Hate the idea of surgery?

BariClip may be right for you!

BariClip Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

What Is BariClip Surgery?

BariClip is a simple device that takes just 20 minutes to place and reduces the size of your stomach with a simple “clip,” Once placed, the device stays firmly in position, curbing your appetite so you consume fewer calories.

Stop struggling, lose weight — and keep it off.

BariClip for Weight-Loss Patients

BariClip is the result of decades of research designed to help those that don’t qualify for formal weight loss surgery and are tired of fad diets that simply don’t work. Get permanent results without the need for invasive surgery. A simple clip placed along the stomach reduces its size, resulting in less hunger, earlier satiety, and dramatic weight loss. And best of all, it’s totally reversible without changing your anatomy at all. The BariClip is currently one of the most exciting breakthroughs in medicine.

BariClip Surgery Results

Laparoscopic BariClip Procedure Details

During the laparoscopic BariClip procedure, your bariatric surgeon creates small incisions along your stomach pouch before inserting the clip. Once placed, the device closes around the stomach to restrict its capacity. Finally, your surgeon sutures the BariClip in place.

Because the stomach is clipped rather than cut off, and doesn’t require rerouting the small bowel, the procedure is entirely reversible.

The Process:

Fill out our questionnaire to see if you’re a candidate. If approved, our team reviews your health status and prepares you for a one-day visit to our state-of-the art facility where the procedure takes place.

Next, our team prepares you for a simple laparoscopic procedure (keyhole surgery), to place the BariClip device. The clip creates a smaller stomach where a limited amount of food passes through, while the larger excluded part of the stomach remains inactive. The procedure is performed in an operating room under general anesthesia, usually in less than 30 minutes. After the procedure is complete, patients return to the recovery area and can return home later the same day.

BariClip Results on a Weight-Loss Patient

Bariatric Surgery Recovery & Results

BariClip mimics more invasive procedures without the need for staples, dividing the stomach, or rerouting the small bowel. In fact, a simple clip placed along the axis of the stomach squeezes it into two compartments, with the smaller side receiving food while the larger portion is excluded from the equation.

The result is substantial weight loss without the impact of more aggressive bariatric surgeries. The recovery is quick and discharge occurs just a few hours after the procedure.

Weight-Loss Patient X-Ray

Most patients return to their normal activities within 48 hours. As with other weight loss surgeries, patients are expected to follow a restricted diet for approximately 2 weeks before reintroducing other types of food into their system. Weight loss happens quickly after the procedure and continues for the first year.

The BariClip is an ideal bariatric procedure for patients looking to lose weight without permanently changing the shape and size of their stomach. To learn more about BariClip, call one of our U.S.-based coordinators at 1 866-893-8005 or email us today.