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Gastric Plication – Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve®

The newest weight-loss procedure to be introduced is known as the Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve® and can be considered an alternative version of the traditional gastric sleeve.

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The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve®, a new cirugía de pérdida de peso technique.

Plicatura gástrica is one of the newest weight loss innovations available at the Obesity Control Center in Tijuana, MX, and medical professionals are already calling it the most exciting advancement in the field since the adjustable Lap-Band. Also known as the Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve™, this innovative procedure, available exclusively at Obesity Control Center, has shown to produce significant weight loss results for patients who are dealing with weight gain and obesity.

Over 20 years of experience and more than 23,000 patients is what sets us apart at Obesity Control Center. We are the busiest standalone center of excellence in metabolic and bariatric surgery and are leading innovators in the field. Plicatura gástrica can be considered an alternative version of the traditional gastric sleeve. Both procedures involve creating a sleeve within the stomach that helps patients feel full faster and consume smaller amounts of food.

However, there are significant differences in how the sleeves are created.

In the traditional method, referred to as sleeve gastrectomy, a thin, approximately 8-inch long, vertical sleeve is created through the use of surgical stapling, and a portion of the stomach tissue is removed. In plication surgery, the stomach tissue is not removed. Instead, it is sutured. That means there is no use of surgical staples, implants, or gastric resection (cutting).

To read Obesity Control Center’s extensive study on gastric plication and The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve®, visit

Studies have shown that gastric plication can also eliminate some of the potential complications associated with traditional gastric sleeves, because of the suturing process. The procedure has also been recommended as the ideal revision surgery for patients who have experienced complications from lap band surgery.

Un estudio publicado en Tiempos bariátricos mostró que los resultados de la pérdida de peso tanto para hombres como para mujeres eran muy significativos y comparables a los de la cirugía de bypass gástrico.

Because the procedure has proven to achieve such significant results, gastric plication now accounts for a significant portion of all weight loss surgeries performed at the Obesity Control Center in Mexico. To learn more about gastric plication, visit

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Plicatura gástrica


La diferencia de OCC

  1. Quarter century specialized in the weight loss surgery field. We were some of the first to perform bariatric surgical procedures.
  2. Tres maestros cirujanos bariátricos que atienden a cada paciente. Siempre estará en manos de un cirujano altamente capacitado y de renombre mundial.
  3. Fully accredited as a Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. We have also obtained the Golden Seal awarded by the Joint Commission International that signifies that we met the highest standards in patient safety and quality available.
  4. Pioneers in the field, including several registered techniques, patented devices, and many “firsts” in the field like teenage obesity treatments, the Improved Gastric Sleeve, the Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve®, the Double-Buttress Sewing Technique and more.
  5. Faster recovery and better outcomes. Shorter times under anesthesia and a non-invasive abdominal wall preservation techniques.
  6. Educación y preparación preoperatorias para pacientes únicos y programa de seguimiento de 5 años, ¡una primicia en la industria!

Gastric Plication – Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve® FAQS


Who is an ideal candidate for gastric plication surgery?

Someone who is mentally, physically, and nutritionally prepared for this life-changing procedure is an ideal candidate. If you’re overweight and above a 30 BMI or 30% body fat, you are definitely a candidate.

Why is gastric plication called ‘Metabolic surgery’?

In the fight against obesity and excess weight, the only proven method that outlasts common methods is bariatric surgery. Recent advances in the field have proven that these weight loss surgeries not only dramatically influence the excess weight a patient carries, it also balances out the metabolism of an individual, especially the insulin and blood sugar levels. This is why weight loss surgery is now called ‘Metabolic surgery’. It is not completely understood how exactly surgery regulates insulin, blood sugar, diabetes, cholesterol, lipids, and sleep disorder (sleep apnea) but it is a fact that it has a direct impact and controls, and it has cured these life-threatening diseases many times.

How do I prepare for Gastric Surgery?

Like in life, mental, physical, and nutritional preparation is essential for a successful outcome. Additional requirements may be suggested depending on your specific case.

La pérdida de peso preoperatoria desintoxicará su hígado, lo hará más liviano y dará como resultado un procedimiento de pérdida de peso más rápido y seguro con menos impacto en su estado general. Incluso el 5% de la pérdida total de peso corporal resultará en una mejora dramática en su capacidad para responder al estrés quirúrgico.

Nourishment at a cellular level will require you to compensate for the deficiencies you have accumulated over the years and the deficiencies expected after weight loss surgery.

Research has proven that the only way to replenish these deficiencies is through Bariatric Supplementation. This means that a Bariatric Multivitamin and a Bariatric Protein source prior to the Gastric Plication will enormously increase your safety profile and a successful outcome. Mental preparation includes looking at the way we relate to food and being proactive at a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Cirugía gástrica en México, ¿de verdad?

En OCC, tenemos más de 22,000 pacientes que han viajado a nuestro centro sin incidentes de seguridad importantes que informar. Estamos en el corazón del distrito comercial, a menos de media milla de la frontera internacional con los EE. UU. Tijuana es ahora el segundo destino médico más concurrido para el paciente que viaja. En OCC, nos complace ser una parte esencial de esta gran reputación.

What’s the price for a gastric plication?

Depending on the type of gastric surgery requested, prices can vary from around $6,500 to $9,000 dollars. We suggest you look into testimonials online, talk to other patients, and don’t be misled by price. The savings by coming to OCC is around 50% of the cost in the US. Don’t risk it by looking for the lowest price. Your health and wellbeing are very valuable.

Incluido en el costo de su cirugía de bypass gástrico:

  • Estancia de 1 noche en nuestro hospital de renombre mundial
  • Estancia de 1 noche en un hotel local de 5 estrellas.
  • Transporte de lujo desde y hacia el aeropuerto internacional de San Diego.
  • Equipo de tres cirujanos certificados por la junta, incluidos dos anestesiólogos
  • Todos los costos de quirófano y material quirúrgico
  • Todas las evaluaciones preoperatorias y la atención de seguimiento

¿Cuánto peso debo esperar perder?

Gastric plication is producing a substantial amount of weight loss in a relatively short period of time. A 65% EWL (excess weight loss) is reported in general in the literature at 18 months. For example, a patient that needs to lose 100 pounds (100 lbs. excess weight) will lose at least 65 pounds. Other factors that influence the total weight loss include how well prepared the patient is before surgery. Preparation not only includes mental and physical, but it also includes nutritional preparation and it seems to be one of the most important determining factors for success. Pre-operative preparations include supplementation and protein intake. This is why at OCC you will see that all patients undergo pre-surgery preparation and are followed for 5 years after the procedure. OCC wellness is an online program that helps you achieve your goals.

What makes OCC plication different from the ones performed elsewhere?

The OCC Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve® is a standardized weight loss surgery technique where the goal is to replicate what is done when performing a gastric sleeve with the only difference being that the stomach is folded in instead of stapled and resected.

No one has published a more comprehensive study on the effectiveness of plication and The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve® than the Obesity Control Center.

It is a technique where the size of the residual volume is calculated and the pressure of the inside of the stomach is measured while performing the inward folds. The suture materials, the suturing technique, the layers of folds, and the specific anatomical points including the fundus, the incisure, and the pylorus, or outlet, have all been addressed in the new technique and are specifically dealt with to avoid any problems as seen with the conventional technique. In fact, our series of patients have shown fewer heartburn symptoms, if any, after surgery. This is a major difference between this procedure and the gastric sleeve where reflux symptoms after surgery are frequent.


How safe is gastric plication surgery?

The Obesity Control Center® performs all gastric procedures laparoscopically, which is minimally invasive. Laparoscopic surgery usually results in a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, smaller scars, and less pain than open procedures. It is actually common in any type of weight loss surgery to re-gain weight. The trick is to perform a procedure that limits the amount of weight that can be regained. This is done by design. At OCC, nuestros procedimientos se realizan para ser seguros y efectivos, preferably permanent weight loss. Weight loss has to do with a structured bariatric program, it’s not just another surgery!

OCC’s complication rate is one of the lowest in the published literature. Add that to the benefits of the New Improved Gastric Sleeve, and suddenly the results are more promising than ever.

As indicated in an article found at, la cirugía de plicatura gástrica es segura.

What is the mortality rate for gastric plication surgery?

Podemos decir con mucho orgullo que nuestra tasa de mortalidad es del cero por ciento. Valoramos la salud y el bienestar y nunca realizaremos un procedimiento en alguien que no esté bien preparado médicamente o que tenga un riesgo mayor de lo aceptable.

What about gastric plication complications?

Studies have shown that gastric plication can eliminate some of the potential complications associated with traditional gastric sleeves, because of the suturing process. The procedure has also been recommended as the ideal revision surgery for patients who have experienced complications from lap band surgery.

Like any surgical procedure, complications can happen like leaks, bleeding, hernias, and chronic heartburn. At OCC, we have your back. With over 23,000 procedures, we have streamlined not just the technique but the whole process of weight loss surgery. So preparation is key to a successful outcome and we will be holding your hand all the way.

Nuestra tasa de complicaciones es una de las más bajas publicadas en la literatura. De hecho, nuestra tasa de fuga es del 0%, y con la implementación de las nuevas técnicas diseñadas en OCC, nuestros pacientes están experimentando una pérdida de peso sustancial y permanente sin el síntoma indeseable de la acidez estomacal.

Heartburn and reflux seem to be the predominant complaint after sleeve gastrectomy. At OCC, we have adjusted the technique to let the body heal properly and avoid this uncomfortable and sometimes frequent symptom months after the surgery is performed.

Existen síntomas tras someterse a cualquier tipo de cirugía que están relacionados con la anestesia (somnolencia, mareos, náuseas, etc.) y otros directamente asociados a la propia manga gástrica (calambres, sensibilidad abdominal, vómitos). Afortunadamente, estos se mantienen al mínimo y se tratan médicamente temprano para que la mayoría de los pacientes puedan ponerse de pie en un par de horas y ser dados de alta a la mañana siguiente. ¡Muchos salen de compras al día siguiente de la cirugía!

Is gastric plication surgery painful?

Nuestro proceso en OCC incluye un procedimiento suave pero corto que resulta en una recuperación rápida. La diferencia de OCC incluye instrumentos especializados delgados como un lápiz y trócares de la pared abdominal sin bisturí. Usamos agentes bloqueadores de la pared abdominal localizados que disminuyen la cascada de mediadores que causan dolor e inflamación. Usamos la mitad de la cantidad de presión de gas, mientras que otros usan 20 mm / hg, usamos de 10 a 12 mm / hg. Esto da como resultado menos de los temidos "dolores por presión de gas" asociados con la cirugía laparoscópica. Nuestro tiempo de operación es una fracción del tiempo típico reportado en la literatura. No tenemos prisa, simplemente hemos simplificado el proceso. Menos tiempo bajo anestesia significa tiempos de recuperación más rápidos.

How about failures and weight regain?

On average, most patients can tolerate around 30% of their pre-surgical intake after the stomach or pouch adjusts. This restriction is enough to maintain the weight loss through the years. Patients that expand their stomach to a point where they can eat more than 50% of their pre-surgical intake can be candidates for a quick stomach revision which entails performing a running stitch to adjust the size of the plicated stomach over a calibration tube. In fact, this technique is so effective that patients who have a gastric sleeve with the same type of stomach stretching are candidates for the same technique. A simple sewing of the staple line over a calibration tube to adjust the size of the sleeve. These procedures tend to be quick, with little downtime and very effective where patients regain the original restriction they had after the surgical procedure.


¿Puede tener una vida normal después de la cirugía?

Most patients require several months to adapt to the procedure. This is usually predictable so our nutritionist will always prescribe a nutritional regimen that is easy to follow and will allow the patient to gradually move up to the following stage. You will start with a totally liquid diet for a few days, then drink liquids including the Bariatric Protein Meals, and then slowly move into mushy food and, finally, a normal diet.

Las actividades diarias y el ejercicio también deberían progresar al mismo ritmo, pero el hecho sorprendente es que la mayoría de los pacientes se recuperan mucho más rápido de lo que pensaban; de hecho, los niveles de energía suelen ser más altos de lo esperado cuando el plan de nutrición incluye los batidos multivitamínicos bariátricos y de proteínas bariátricas recomendados por nuestro equipo de expertos.

Lo único que no puede hacer después de la cirugía es comer en exceso sin sentir molestias graves, náuseas e incluso vómitos. Idealmente, la mayoría de los pacientes volverán a tomar tres comidas normales al día y tres refrigerios entre comidas.

How do we prevent ischemia or stomach dying/blood flow issues and herniation?

The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve® is specifically designed to avoid any and all of the problems documented with the conventional plication technique. One of these problems was the herniation of the folded stomach through the suture line, a portion of the folded stomach popping out of the containment stitch, and predisposing this segment to blood flow restriction due to strangulation. The modern technique avoids this by creating a double layer of running sutures that have been designed to contain effectively without tension over the stomach wall. This is achieved by using proprietary smart calibration tubes that measure the pressure inside of the stomach.

The technique itself is also very similar to the procedure used in treating gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn. This technique entails the wrapping of the stomach around the highest part of the stomach and esophagus. Hundreds of thousands of these surgeries have been performed and without any adverse reactions in the stomach mucosa, in and around the folds, food stasis, etc. We now know that the plication surgery has exactly the same benign effects when performed with the modern OCC technique.

How long does it take for your stomach to heal after gastric plication?

Recent studies show that the inner lining of the stomach can start healing in as little as 6 hours! It is important to follow all the guidelines that we teach our patients prior to surgery to ensure an uneventful recovery and a good outcome.

Can you drink alcohol after gastric plication?

Like any surgery, there is a recovery time, and our nutrition team recommends not drinking for the first trimester. (Although a glass of wine has benefits!)

Can you have gastric plication surgery repaired?

Yes, thankfully! This is what we have named the “Sleeve Rescue”. OCC is considered one of the top facilities for revision surgery (re-do surgery) and is frequently asked to treat patients that have regained weight or have heartburn symptoms after sleeve. In fact, many of the popular cheaper centers are a constant flow of patients that have “sloppy sleeves” that fail over time.

What do you eat after gastric plication surgery?

It starts with liquids during the first days then gradually progresses to mushy food, then semi-solids to full solids. All this happens during the first couple of months. The good news is massive weight loss occurs during this time and all the health indicators dramatically get better during this period.

How much can your stomach hold after gastric plication?

Los pacientes notarán una vez que hayan pasado la fase líquida y hayan comido sólidos completos que el nivel de restricción resultará en alrededor de un tercio del volumen de comida original. Comer un tercio de su comida típica definitivamente inducirá la pérdida de peso y una mejor salud en general.

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Hacer clic aquí para ver cómo se compara la OCC con otras instalaciones en términos de tasas quirúrgicas, tasas de infección, tasas de mortalidad y más.