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Part 2 Performing On A Good Hair Day

How we perform – how we win – is our “Usual” operating style.

How you go about winning at the game of life on a “good hair day” doesn’t have anything at all to do with what you are interested in.

Your “USUAL” style is more how you connected the dots as you were growing up, picking up social clues from your parents and grandparents, your schoolmates, teachers, friends and key influencers. It is more about the habits, the behavioral patterns, that you learned from your social environment as you grew up, based on events, situations and circumstances that happened to you.

Your “Usual” operating style is literally how you put your best foot forward on a good hair day. How you win. How do you your best work. How you perform. What’s more, you know that you can reliably count on yourself to pull out all the stops and make things work, in the face of all kinds of left-turns, speed bumps, and the U-turns of life.

Are you an organizer and a neat-nik? Or are you a visionary, creative dreamer? Do you do your best work by rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, or would you rather teach and persuade others how to do the job, to make sure they do it right?

Are you a “hand’s on” type of person? Do you get things done by going directly to the task? Or do you work indirectly, and accomplish your goals by building and managing teams of people?

We all have methods to our madness. We know how to get the job done, according to our own particular style. We know how we get things done when everything is going right.

But as we all know, life doesn’t flow. I love the mantra, “This is what life looks like when it’s working …” meaning, unexpected pitfalls, breakdowns and challenges.

Yes, it is easy to perform, to “pull it off” when everything is going our way. But for the most part, we make do with what we’ve got, or play the cards that have been given to us.

What would it look like if you actually ASKED for what you need? Or expected, for yourself, that you could be assertive and state what you need, without playing the run-around game of trying to make sure nobody gets mad at you, or that you don’t “step out of line”?

What would life look like if you gave up trying to make everybody happy?

Stay tuned …. Part 3 of “Be The Star That You Are: Asking For What You Need”