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Utilice los controles deslizantes para determinar su índice de masa corporal (IMC) y si debe comunicarse o no con la OCC para programar una consulta de cirugía de pérdida de peso.

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Bajo peso < 18.5
Peso normal 18,5 - 24,9
Exceso de peso 25 - 29,9
Obesidad IMC de 30 o más

Tu peso: 184 pounds


Tu altura: 5' 4"

Tu BMI: 32
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Estándares de seguridad

How OCC is Keeping Patients Safe As They Travel for Surgery

Bariatric surgery requires physical, mental, and emotional preparation, as much as any other surgery would. However, being amid a global pandemic can add a new dimension of anxiety you can experience before surgery. Especially when traveling is involved, how can you feel safe?Just minutes south of San Diego, the Obesity Control Center is going above […]

Descubra qué significa "atención incomparable" en el Centro de control de la obesidad

Bariatric surgery or any other medical procedure can be a stressful one. From going to an unfamiliar facility to wondering about how the procedure will go, seeking medical care can feel overwhelming. It is for this reason that the Obesity Control Center has carefully designed an experience that is both comfortable and successful. Just minutes […]

Los pacientes se sienten seguros en OCC ya que COVID-19 hace que la cirugía bariátrica sea más importante que nunca

At the Obesity Control Center, maintaining our safe and efficient care environment is a top priority. As we learn more about COVID-19 and its transmission, we are undertaking the necessary steps and adapting our practices to provide the best, safest care to our patients while protecting our workforce, and patients like Luis Andrade and Julie […]

Profesionales de la salud estadounidenses eligen la cirugía en México. ¿Por qué?

A menudo olvidamos que los profesionales de la salud no siempre usan uniformes médicos. A veces son ellos los que están en bata y buscan tratamiento como cualquier otro paciente. Excepto cuando las enfermeras y los médicos, las personas que mejor conocen la medicina y el cuidado de la salud, seleccionan sus propios médicos y centros de atención médica, usted sabe que están eligiendo los mejores disponibles. Entonces, cuando estos 10 profesionales de la salud vayan a […]

En el Centro de control de la obesidad, recibe apoyo de por vida

Sabes que las dietas no funcionan porque las has probado todas. Si bien una dieta de alimentos integrales con la cantidad correcta de calorías es esencial para la salud, y debe continuarse durante toda su vida, no solo para perder peso, si tiene una cantidad significativa de grasa que perder, no puede lograrlo de [ …]

The Double Buttress Technique, an OCC exclusive.

What is the Double Buttress Technique? The DBT As medical professionals we are taught to frequently question the status quo. I personally am always looking for ways to improve quality, safety and outcomes. This is something we have built into our practice and and to the mentality of our team…

Improved Gastric Sleeve vs Regular Gastric Sleeve

Can something good be improved upon? The Gastric Sleeve has had some negative press recently. Check out what OCC has done to make a good procedure even better, The Improved Gastric Sleeve, IGS® .

Regulating Health Tourism: World leaders meet in Tijuana.

The CDC travel warning has now increase to another 30 cases reported in Canada of patients returning home with surgical infections with Antibacterial-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa after having weight loss surgery in Tijuana. A prompt response of the global bariatric surgical community this past week concluded in the first international global bariatric surgery and health tourism meeting in Tijuana, Baja, Mexico. Present were…

OCC Newest Results from over 20,900 patients

OCC Newest Results Early Surgical Complications Bariatric surgery complications are not uncommon and the rate has been published in the medical literature. At OCC our rate is one of the lowest in the world. The nature of bariatric surgery requires that a goal is to avoid a complication before it…


FACING THE WORST DRUG EPIDEMIC IN US HISTORY Six out of ten overdose deaths in the US involve an opioid drug. Between 2000 and 2015, more than 500,000 people died from drug overdoses. And every day, 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose. This epidemic has been called the worst…