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Dr. Ortiz, Dr. Martinez, and the entire Obesity Control Center staff hope you had a positive experience and that we met all of your expectations during your visit.

share your weight loss experience in Tijuana, MX

We want to see your new amazing self!

When sending us your before and after pictures, make sure to do so with a digital camera. If you don’t own one and want to do so with your cell phone, check that your smartphone has a high-resolution option (unfortunately, not all cellphones have it). Ask a friend or family member to take a full body picture of you standing in front in a plain background, preferably white.

We want to see your whole transformation, show as much skin as comfortable. If you’re up for it, try using a swimsuit – if not, use tight fitted clothing. Make sure to include your pretty/handsome face in the pictures so that we can see it is actually you!

Please click on “Share Your Story” below to log into our Patient Portal so you can share your written story and tell us all about your amazing transformation. Once you have submitted your written story, you can then email us your before and after photo directly to

Thank you so much for sharing your story! Below are a few more ideas to help spread the word and inspire others, we thank you in advance for your help!

1) Record and share a video message and/or your before/after photos on your personal social media. Please make sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #OCCFamily.
2) Leave us a review on GoogleYelp, or RealSelf
3) Make sure you are part of our private and public online support groups and please join the conversations whenever possible.

And most of all, please keep in touch! We love seeing your progress and success!

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