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OCC PATIENT TESTIMONIALS, Alberta - Patient Story.

Shaudia Ricketts. from Calgary

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

My friend had weight loss surgery in Mexico and had decided against going to OCC, because the cost was higher. After her surgery, she had regrets that she hadn't gone to OCC, so when I made the decision to get surgery myself, she was adamant that I go to OCC, because they are the best. In the end, I trusted Dr. Ortiz and his team the most and making sure that I was coming home to my son was worth the extra money.

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My son now has the Mom he needs!

I have struggled with my weight for 25 years of my life. I have been on every fad diet there is and had issues understanding the concept that at some point you need to stop dieting and make a life style change. I stopped caring how much I weighed, because I believed it didn't matter anymore. I had given up on life. I couldn't go to an amusement park and get on the rides, because the seatbelt didn't fit - Do you know how mortifying it is to have to get off the ride, because you can't get the seat belt done up? I had to fly all of the time for work and I would dread a full flight, because I knew that whoever had to sit beside me, would judge me and wonder why they had to sit beside the fat chick. I hated going out in public, because I was convinced that everyone was judging me based on my weight - so I didn't go out. I had friends who had gotten weight loss surgery and were so happy with their choice. All I could think about was the money - $10,000 is a lot of money to spend just to be skinny. I didn't think I was worth the cost. In July of 2015 I had enough. I had a 2 year old son that I couldn't run around and play with. I refused to go on dates with my husband. I was so unhappy. My friend came to visit me and she had gotten weight loss surgery a few months earlier - she looked amazing. More importantly, she was so happy. She told me to take a chance on the surgery and realize I was worth the cost. A week later I booked the surgery and 2 weeks after that, I arrived at OCC. I was scared that I was making a mistake, but excited about the changes. I had read all of the stories about people gaining their weight back and was nervous I would be one of those people. My mom (who came with me) looked at me and told me I needed to do this for myself and my family. They wanted me alive and healthy and able to do the things I love. I am now 8 months out, down 109lbs and have new eating habits. I don't deny myself anything, but I also eat it in moderation. Will keeping the weight off be easy - probably not. I don't expect it to be easy - and that's ok, because I'm worth the effort and hard work. My son has a mom who plays with him all the time - we went to the park the other day and spent 2 hours climbing on the jungle gym and going down the slide. My husband has a wife who isn't miserable. This surgery didn't just save my life. It saved my marriage and it gave my son a mom who is able to enjoy him. Thank you Dr. Ortiz.

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