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OCC PATIENT TESTIMONIALS, Alberta - Patient Story.

Amanda. from Grande Prairie

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

I researched and read countless accounts and experiences of patients who had travelled to Mexico for weight loss surgery. I met a woman who had a similar amount of weight to lose who had just had surgery at the OCC. I followed her journey and success for almost a year. She had an amazing transformation... I was in awe in the changes in her life so I decided to book with Dr. Ortiz because I knew I would be with the best surgeon with an amazing passion for his trade!

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A long overdue metamorphosis

I'd been overweight for as long as I could remember, throughout my childhood, my teenage years and into adulthood. Food was the my ultimate comfort... In times of happiness and celebration and in times of hurt, stress and grief. I grew up watching the women in my family facing struggles in life because of their weight. Cancer and diabetes were becoming apart of my vernacular and we're definitely looming on the horizon for me. Having young children was also a huge stimulus for me. I felt like my weight was holding me back from being the kind of mom that I wanted to be. I wanted to go for bike rides, hike in the mountains, go on amusement park rides without fearing that I wouldn't fit in the seat belt. And of course my ever increasing weight was putting a strain on me, my life, my confidence and my spirit. Leaving me feeling trapped in a body that didn't encapsulate the kind of life and journey I wanted to live. In April 2014 I made a commitment to my husband and myself to try to turn around our lifestyle. I was 242 pounds... And I knew I would continue to gain weight as I became older. Our goal was to start eating clean. I started reading books about new trends and thoughts with primal/caveman/Paleolithic dietary trends. Our pantry was restocked and reloaded with new and organic goods, grain free, sugar free and dairy free. We both did fantastically well with our new diet... Losing 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds... And then I completely stalled out. The weight stopped melting off and I became stagnated and discouraged putting all of the effort in with no results! And then the weight started creeping back on... I felt that I was failing myself again, with another failed 'fab' diet under my belt... But I had a new positivity within myself that wouldn't let me go back to the old me... Who I knew was miserable. I started working out and really tried to get the scale moving again. At the end of May 2015 I was able to get down to about 212 pounds... I wasn't happy with that and I was striving to set myself up for success so I made the call to the OCC to book for surgery. I owed it to myself and I finally felt like I was at a place in my life where I was 'worth it'. As soon as the nutritionist was in contact with me I was following her plan. I introduced daily physical activity and wholeheartedly followed the dietary plan. My surgery was set for July 17, 2015... With my 2 week pre-op plan falling during our summer vacation, driving across the country, visiting with family and friends. It was a challenge... But I didn't want to sabotage myself or jeopardize my surgery so I arrived in Mexico weighing 188 pounds. I weight in hadn't been at in almost 20 years. My surgery went very well, I had amazing people and support around me for the entirety of my stay with the OCC. Once I was at home my success continued. The first few days I was fatigued as I settled into the post op diet. I made sure to follow all recommendations and guidelines that had been given to me by the OCC. My weight was literally melting off me. As I was able to introduce 'regular' food back into my diet my energy returned. I jumped back into exercising, running mostly, and my life started changing. By September of 2015 I was down to about 165 pounds! Everyone was noticing my transformation and it really fueled me to push myself more. By my 6 month 'sleeversary' I was down to 142 pounds... I had lost 100 pounds!!! I could not believe it! In such a short time I had turned my entire life around. I feel like a different person. I think like a different person. I am happier and am embracing the positivity surrounding me in my life!!! My current weight is 141 pounds. I have been maintaining that weight for the last few months and am so happy to be where I am with the scale. Today I turned 36! I celebrated, blew out my candles and knew a whole lotta wishes would be coming true this year! Thank you Dr. Ortiz for changing my life!

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