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OCC PATIENT TESTIMONIALS, Hawke's Bay - Patient Story.

Leon Rieter. from Napier

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

After a lot of research I choose what I believed was the best and most experienced surgeon, team and hospital. I wanted experts in this field who had performed many procedures. Hence the long trip from New Zealand to Mexico, rather than having surgery at home.

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Life Saving

From childhood I'd always been overweight, with each birthday I would put on another 14lbs. This carried on until I was 27 and 378lbs. I then decided to begin an exercise program and lost 147lbs. I then had the misfortune to break my leg and stopped exercising, what followed was the inevitable weight gain back to 378lbs. Yo-yo dieting ensued over the next few years but always with the same result, weight gain. When grandchildren appeared I realized that carrying that amount of weight I would not be around long to enjoy them, so I took the step of having bariatric surgery. Results to date have been great, I exercise everyday, have lots of energy and for the first time in many years buy clothes 'off the rack'. Not only has this surgery been life changing, more importantly it has been life saving.

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