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Rayona L. Young. from Edgewood

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

I began researching bariatric surgery back in 2013, trying to figure out the right option for me. My insurance would not pay for me, as my BMI wasn't high enough, though I did have other issues. I ended up choosing the OCC, because I knew that Mexico would be my only option, but their statistics did it for me. People lie...number don't. So, the success rates, number of leaks and deaths did it for me. Being able to watch actual surgeries, hear directly from Dr. Ortiz and past patients, and NOT HAVING ANY DIRT TO DIG UP really helped solidify my decision!

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Yo-Yoing is a child's game, NOT a way of life!

I come from one of those family's that claims to be "big boned"...though I've always known the truth. We didn't eat very healthy, we didn't move much, and we all gained weight easily. Even as a teenager, I was the biggest cheerleader, at a size 14. I began actively trying to lose weight in my 20s, when I knew the weight gain would begin. I would be successful for a while...and then would balloon back up to my heavier weight. This has now gone on for 15 years, by the time I said enough was enough. I began researching bariatric surgery in July of 2013, because I knew that the surgery would serve as a great tool to help me lose my weight permanently. I did drag my feet a bit, as I wanted to make sure this was the right decision for me. In the end, it was! I was sleeved on 16Jan17, and only wish that I wouldn't have dragged my feet...I should have done it 4 years ago! Since then, I have climbed a mountain (I'd done it in the past, huffing and puffing on my inhaler the whole time, barely making it up, nearly passing out!). I climbed it in record time, and completely without medications and inhalers. When I fly now, not only do I not have to use a belt extender, but the regular seatbelt now has slack in it! I am more than grateful for my tool, and have been enjoying this 'new life' of mine. Thank you OCC and Dr. Ortiz for this opportunity!

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