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Erika. from Las Vegas

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

The Reputation that Dr.Ortiz and staff, which I experienced since the first call I made.

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My ugly beautiful story

I once was the most popular girl in high school soon to fade away. Years and years passed just to see my self bigger and bigger, losing hope, love for myself and becoming such a depressed, miserable person for 15 years. All my so called "friends" are skinny and made fun of me, making remarks as to why I let myself go. Crying before entering my work environment because I was the biggest one there. Eating my self away to a bigger me. I finally got a different job where I met a coworker that was in the process of her transition of weight loss surgery. Once I started to see the difference in her I started to do my research with doctors in the United Stated, which I lost hope once again because it was to expensive and I wasn't "big enough" for the insurance to cover the surgery. I've never once had surgery and couldn't believe I was even considering the sleeve for weight loss. I did my research once again but this time outside in Mexico after searching so many doctors Dr. ARIEL ORTIZ was the only one I felt was the BEST!!! My experience has been the BEST!!!!! Professional, friendly, dedicated! Lori the coordinator helped me so much and never got tired of answering questions. Phone calls always being answered, down to emails. All staff members are very knowledgeable. GREAT STAFF! This office gave me back my smile, confidence and more then anything gave me more then hope , they gave me MY LIFE!!! I love myself again , greatest feeling ever and would have surgery all over again. The best part after keeping this journey a secret and opening up to that coworker that was in transition. To find out she also had surgery with Dr.Ortiz! Big WOW!!! To see myself at 52 lbs in 4 months out of gastric sleeve weight loss surgery no WORDS! just Thank you so much for giving me my LIFE BACK!

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