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Emily. from New York City

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

Reputation, reviews, cost, and efficiency.

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Brand New Hypertension Free ME

I live in New York City where appearence is everything. I was tired of feeling like everyone was skinnier and more attractive than me. Then when I developed high blood pressure I knew I had to do something. I tried exercising and diets that worked but I was never able to maintain. One of my good friends told me about her gastric sleeve experience and I decided to consider it. Nobody in the US would take me because my BMI wasn't high enough so her surgeon recommended OCC. So i decided to make the 2500 mile journey to Mexico. The entire process was efficient and seamless. The hotel was gorgeous and comfortable as was my entire hospital experience. I was able to travel on a plane after with no problems. As a registered nurse I was naturally skeptical but was impressed by the professional literature available by/about Dr. Ortiz and training/lectures. From my first email to my 1 year follow up I swear every detail was taken care of with dignity, respect and kindness. I have completed my weight loss goals and maintained for just under 2 years!! Thank you OCC (especially Dr. Marco So who went above and beyond for me).

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