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OCC PATIENT TESTIMONIALS, Ontario - Patient Story.

Corinna D. from Brantford

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

I had a friend that went to Dr. Ortiz for the gastric sleeve back in August 2013. After hearing about her experience and seeing the results she was getting, I decided that it was my time to go! I did some extensive research and read nothing but amazing things about the occ and Dr. Ortiz so there was no question at all!

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Welcome to my new life!

As a small child and in to my early teens, I was always athletic and very tiny. I was a competitive swimmer and was training to go to the olympics for Hamilton, Ontario. I had a shoulder injury that was devastating to my swimming career. I was told that I had to stop swimming immediately and have intense physiotherapy. Once I stopped swimming, I started struggling with my weight. When I was about 19, I started trying new diets like weight watchers, herbal magic, pretty much everything I could to get back to myself but nothing worked for me. I would always give up and decide that this was the way my body would be forever. It was hard being a young adult, always going out with all my friends who were thin and so beautiful but I always made the best of it! I've always been a very happy person, even when I was at my heaviest. Once I decided to get the surgery, nothing would stop me. I called the OCC and booked my surgery for 3 weeks from that day! I had a week to mentally prepare, 2 weeks to do the liquid diet, and then it was time to go to Mexico! Everything about my experience with the OCC was amazing. They took wonderful care of me and my best friend that came with me for support. Within a month, I had lost almost 40 pounds! It was a struggle to get used to my new sleeve and the new diet that I had to follow but it got easier every day. I lost 120 pounds in 9 months total! Here I am, over 2 years later and my life has changed completely for the better! I have so much energy to do the things I've always wanted to do. I'm an athlete at heart and I can't even describe the way it feels to be able to climb a mountain and look out at the clouds, and think, I did this. The OCC has changed my life in so many ways! I find it easier to meet new people, to feel confident in my own body, and the shopping.... Ohhh the shopping! Haha I am currently in a size 8 dress and to be honest, I never thought I would see this size in my closet again! I have met a lot of people in the last two years that have wanted to hear my story, and I am proud to say that I am an open book. I tell everyone my story from beginning to end, where I went, what I went through and how I feel about the whole situation and a few of those people have gone to the OCC themselves and had the same procedure I had. 2 people in the last 3 months have come to my work to tell me personally that I have helped in saving their lives. That is the best feeling ever. To Anyone and everyone who is considering this procedure, I want to say, YOU CAN DO IT AND IT WILL WORK! My only regret? Not doing it sooner. Thank you Dr. Ortiz and the OCC for changing my life forever.

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