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Shannon and David Brown. from Dayton

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

Apart from a friend referring us to OCC, my husband and I researched the USA & several other facilities in Mexico. Some were much cheaper, but after all of the emails & phone calls & reading the websites until our eyes wanted to pop out, we knew our answer. The staff & doctors at OCC were always so much more polite & eager to answer all of my questions. So much that everyone we spoke with treated us as if we were the only reason they went into work that day.

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Husband & Wife get surgery together, excellent support system, healthy & happy as can be!

My husband and I honestly woke up one day and realized we had enough! Between all of the "fad" diets (we tried every single one) such as diet pills, and different types of exercise. We were so over weight that we would get winded, even after of few minutes of exercise. On top of all of that, we were trying to get pregnant, and after months and months of trying we finally did, but miscarried. That was the wake up call we needed! We wanted to be able to run and play with our children. Being as over weight as we were, we would miss out on so much more than we would care to admit and that's if our weight didn't kill us first! We both scheduled our surgery on March 16, 2015. That was the second happiest day of our lives!! We have the best support system ever and couldn't be happier. Apart from this contest, I'm glad to have the opportunity to to tell our story and let the people at OCC know how much they impacted our lives and we will never forget it.

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