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Alan Wood. from Tooele

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

Wonderful referrals, price, lots of research, kind staff. quality of the surgery. Took care of all my needs. (pick up and drop off at the airport, shuttle service to and from the hotel to the clinic, get to stay at the Marriott Hotel). Lots of post-op follow up.

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30 years of being obese, diabetes, sleep apnea, I was referred to OCC, best thing i ever!!

After years of morbid obesity and very poor health, I met a couple at my church who was heavier than me. I noticed week after week they were getting skinnier. I asked them their secret and they told me about gastric sleeve surgery (I'd never heard of that). The problem in the states is that surgery is VERY expensive and my insurance would not cover the cost. About a year later a friend of mine at work told me about OCC Weight Loss Center and the price. Well you know the rest of the story. I had the surgery April of 2016 and I have lost almost 135 pounds. M sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, joint pain all gone!! actually the list is long. This was by far the best thing I have ever done in respect to my health. EVERYTHING has changed for me, I could not be happier

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