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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

For Rick, losing weight was no longer an option...it was a necessity. At nearly 400 pounds he had developed serious health issues that were threatening his life. After contacting several American surgeons, he was disappointed in their responses. Then he found the OCC.

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Out of Options

I woke up more tired than when I went to bed. It was not uncommon for me to find myself gasping for air several times during the night. My heart was racing and I knew that losing weight was no longer an option, but rather a necessity.

I was 5’9″ and weighed 395 pounds and struggled with high blood pressure for many years. My knees were killing me. I knew that I needed to do something to resolve these issues and despite having engaged in numerous diet and exercise plans throughout my life, I found it impossible to keep off any weight I had lost.

Feeling somewhat hopeless, I began to eagerly surf the web for information on weight loss surgery. I discovered the lapband and educated myself by reading thousands of messages on various bulletin boards. I was self-pay, so money was an issue, but quality medical care was my primary concern. I chose the lapband because it was the least invasive weight loss surgery and it had the lowest complication rate.

After contacting several American surgeons, I found that although they were very qualified, they weren’t as experienced as their Mexican counterparts. Furthermore, they cost twice as much, had long wait times for the surgery, and all pushed the bypass over the lapband.

I chose Dr. Ortiz for my surgery primarily because of his expertise and his experience with the lap band. I was impressed with the fact that he was currently training American surgeons on the lapband and the fact that he had installed thousands and thousands of bands over a seven year period.

After flying to San Diego and shortly walking through the doors to Dr. Ortiz’s office, I went through a series of pre-surgery tests to determine that nothing would preclude me from having the procedure. Surgery was scheduled for the next morning.

I had had surgery twice before in the United States, but this was different. I was so impressed to meet the whole surgical team. The surgery took place at a very modern facility and it went very smoothly, taking all of 25 minutes to complete. My recovery was very quick and I experienced a little discomfort initially, but no significant pain.

The first two weeks after surgery were amazing. I lost 25 pounds and my knees felt great. The most incredible thing, however, was the total absence of hunger. I never in my life experienced this feeling of control. I knew in just a couple of days after surgery that I had just the tool I needed in the lapband to control my destiny. I lost 100 pounds in the first 8 months.

The weight came flying off and my health issues resolved themselves. My blood pressure is now under 110/75 and my sugar is now in the low end of the normal range at 84. I no longer have sleep apnea. As each month goes by and the weight comes off, I become more determined than ever to reach my goal weight. I am now 12 months post surgery and I have lost 205 pounds.

I am very thankful that I found Dr. Ortiz and the lap band. The lapband has been the answer for me. The level of care I have received from Dr. Ortiz is superior to anything that I have received in the States. I’m thrilled to have my weight under control and to be able to do it without trauma in surgery.

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