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Calculadora de IMC

Utilice los controles deslizantes para determinar su índice de masa corporal (IMC) y si debe comunicarse o no con la OCC para programar una consulta de cirugía de pérdida de peso.

Categorías de IMC

Bajo peso < 18.5
Peso normal 18,5 - 24,9
Exceso de peso 25 - 29,9
Obesidad IMC de 30 o más

Tu peso: 184 pounds


Tu altura: 5' 4"

Tu BMI: 32
Surgery Recommended
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Pérdida de peso

Data Points To Know Yourself Better

iHealth Core uses the bioimpedance method by using 4 conductors to determine the hindrance of electrical flow through the body and uses that to calculate the total body water. From the total body water, it can estimate the 9 data points. As a bonus, we have a separate sensor for…

Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgey

Patients may often feel embarrassed or guilty when there is a sudden weight gain or when a plateau occurs. These feelings and the reactions they cause can impact and/or put health, weight loss, and nutritional status at risk. Patients who regain more than 22 pounds (10 kilograms) from the lowest…

When Is Enough Enough

Several individuals have asked me, “When is enough, enough?” Well, that’s a moving target. The bottom line is, when you say it is. Which is different from when you want to quit, or when you are “done.” I have questioned this for myself. When am I done? When I am tired? When I no…

The Benefits of Collaging

In my last blog, The Art of Collaging, April 2, 2015, I introduced to you the art of collaging. Collaging is a medium through which our heart can speak. If we use only photo images and don’t use words (i.e., language,) our brain (i.e. logic) does not get to run the…

The Art of Collaging

I want to introduce you to one of the most effective coaching tools that I use … collaging. Collaging is not a vision board, nor is it a scrapbook. Collaging is taking photos, or elements of an image, from a variety of sources — magazines, trade journals, online clip art, etc….

Binge Eating… Is it Possible to Break Such a Vicious Cycle?

Binge eating is defined as a compulsive overeating. People who binge eat can experience eating enormous amounts of food and feeling powerless to stop. Some patients start at adolescence or at early adulthood, most start after an episode of dieting. Most patients will eat even when they are not hungry…

Setting Yourself Up To Win

My life has recently been filled with family events ranging from trauma to celebration, and all family events have a focus on food. I was at my 87 year-old mother’s house recently. Mom has very deep traditions around family, the serving of the meals, and church. Everything is done around food. And…

Be the Star That You Are Part 4: The Stress of Success

Part 4: The Stress of Success In Part 1: Interests We identified that what you are passionate about is the key component of being happy and living a balanced life. These passions are your DNA fingerprint. They are who you are and what makes you tick, but are often neglected…

Be the STAR That You Are – Asking For What You Need

Part 3: Asking For What You Need There are things that we need – from our environment, or from others, for us to have power, and to operate with our “best foot forward.” For some, that means we need a lot of attention, encouragement and perhaps even clear and exact instructions on…

Be The Star That You Are

Part 2 Performing On A Good Hair Day How we perform – how we win – is our “Usual” operating style. How you go about winning at the game of life on a “good hair day” doesn’t have anything at all to do with what you are interested in. Your “USUAL” style is…