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Efren Coria

Patient Coordinator

“Being part of the #OCCFamily has changed my life in many ways, I would be honored to help you start your journey.” – Efren Coria




I used to be skinny most of my life but my battle with weight began when I turned 40. I tried all kinds of diets with some results, but right after all the sacrifices, I ended up gaining back the pounds I had lost, plus a few more. My weight fluctuated throughout all these years and it really affected me – until I came to the OCC to have the Gastric Plication. I went from ~300 lbs to my current 185 lbs.

I cannot tell you how my life quality has improved and how happy I am now feeling so complete. My only regret is not having it done before, hehe.

Here are my before and after pics (it’s a miracle I even have a picture from then since I felt so bad I always used to run away when I noticed there was a camera in the room).

I totally understand what you are experiencing and I’m more than happy to help you go through all this process.

Q&A with Efren

 1. Did you struggle with weight during your childhood?

I didn’t struggle with my weight as a child nor a young adult. It started when I turned 38/40. Then everything changed.

 2. What was your highest weight?

I weighed ~300 lbs.

3. When did you decide you needed help or was there one specific turning point you recall?

I heard a lot of all of the benefits you could get with a weight loss surgery.

 4. What options did you explore (other surgeons, diets, exercise, etc.)?

All diets and some exercise.

 5. What were you scared about?

My overall health for later years.

 6. Who supported you in your journey? 

In the beginning, my friend and family all asked me not to get the surgery, but afterward, they were all supportive.

 7. How was the experience prepping for surgery?

Super strict pre-op diet, I was very committed. I lost 30 lbs in 2 weeks.

 8. How was the experience traveling to OCC (plane, hotel, the night before, etc.)?

All smooth and everybody was very friendly and you could tell they were very sympathetic for me.

 9. What was your first impression walking in the door at OCC?

Very clean and modern. Everybody was very friendly (like in the movies hehe).

 10. What surgery did you have?

Gastric Plication

 11. What was the recovery like?

The next morning, we were driving to a mall in Carlsbad. Everything went very smooth and walked the gas out. Then we went to the movie theatre the day after. Incredibly smooth recovery. Back at home, it was very easy and I started losing all the excess weight very easily.

 12. How much weight have you lost?

I have lost ~115 lbs.

 13. What is your best advice for someone else considering bariatric surgery?

Don’t wait to do it very long, the only regret I have is not having it earlier. Also don’t buy so many clothes when you start losing weight. They will be too big in a short time. Wait for your final weight to buy them.

 14. What is one of your favorite stories you have encountered being a coordinator at OCC?

I love when a patient refers to us as all their family members. We become a family business hehe!

 15. What is your favorite thing about working for OCC?

The quality of the people, I love it.


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  • Proven/published safety track record

  • Trademark innovations & techniques

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  • Unverified claims

  • Brokers fee up to 30%, low budget surgical team

Medical Tourism

It is completely safe to travel to Mexico and have surgery with us at OCC. Over 100 people from the USA come to Mexico every single month to have surgery with Dr. Ortiz or Dr. Martinez and achieve optimal results. We even take care of patients by shuttling them between the hotel and hospital, as well as across the border.

We have passed the most rigorous accreditations and now display a List of Awards and Designations of Quality bestowed upon the Hospital and the Surgeons. In order for the Obesity Control Center to be awarded the various distinctions and designations by third party quality accreditation organizations, we had to go through rigorous year-long reviews that examined every aspect of our practice, including the staff, surgeons, and facilities. We are one of only a few international hospitals to be awarded these designations. We are fully accredited as a Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and our Surgeons have been designated Surgeons of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, and have also obtained the Golden Seal awarded by the Joint Commission International that signifies that we have met the highest standards in patient safety and quality available in healthcare.

If you have any questions or concerns about traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery, please contact The Obesity Control Center. A member of our team would be happy to speak to you about what you can expect during your weight-loss surgery process.

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