Hector Bernal - Bariatric Surgeon

Obesity Control Center® is pleased and honored to include Dr. Hector Bernal among our team of extended surgeons. His work and research has literally altered the field of diabetes control and changed the course of history.

Dr. Bernal is one of the youngest surgeons to perform a revolutionary set of surgical procedures that cure diabetes in a subset of Type II diabetic patients. Along with his partner, he is now recognized as one of the "Fathers of Metabolic Surgery" and has participated in over 1,000 surgeries through his medical practice in Brazil. As our newest partner and Director of Metabolic Surgery at OCC, Dr. Bernal oversees the hospital's bypass surgery programs and has developed, along with Dr. Ortiz, the new DLL (dual long limb) metabolic bypass procedure, which is outperforming any diabetes surgery to date. This is an ground-breaking procedure that is literally bringing a complete cure, and freedom, to thousands of qualified patients.

Dr. Bernal is an internationally known and frequent guest lecturer at medical community conferences around the world. He is currently active in groundbreaking research in the field of diabetes and is one of the world's leading innovators in the field.

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