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My outside finally matches my inside

Amanda Rieth

Calgary, AB

In my search for a clinic in Mexico a friend of a friend told me to check out the OCC as she had been to Dr. Ortiz and was so pleased with all of the staff and process. All of the great testimonials and success that I read made it easy to choose OCC.

Christmas 2013 I finally hit my rock bottom after an off the cuff ‘not until the fat lady sings’ comment as everyone looked at me, I was done. I couldn’t stand not being included in family skiing trips or activities. I was tired of the yoyo dieting. I just wanted to unzip my skin and crawl out of it. My outside didn’t match who I was on the inside and I was so tired of the struggle. Once I finally decided on surgery, finding the OCC and Dr. Ortiz was God sent. In February 2014 I booked my surgery date for April 28th, the first step towards my new life. Almost 2 years later, I’m down 168 lbs., married, skiing and finally living life. My outside finally matches who I really am. It was the best decision I have ever made. It’s hasn’t been easy, it takes hard work but I wouldn’t have gotten here without the surgery and the OCC.