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Overweight and sedentary turned fitness fanatic

Daniel Klein

Los Angeles, CA

After reading the amazing reviews and speaking to their incredible staff, I knew OCC would take the absolute best care of me and ensure my success.

I had battled for years with weight and overeating. I had been at my heaviest in my late teens at nearly 260 pounds and managed to get my weight somewhat under control in my first year of college. Unfortunately, that was short lived. When I first considered WLS, I consulted with 2 doctors in Los Angeles, only to discover that the red tape and bureaucracy associated with getting surgery here would ultimately cause me more stress and anxiety than relief.
After doing some research on OCC and surgery in Mexico, I decided to contact the OCC and schedule my surgery. It remains the best decision I have ever made.
The last year has been full of both physical and emotion difficulties but I’ve managed to persevere and I would do it all over again. Many thanks to Dr. Ortiz and his amazing staff, you guys helped me change my life! I now workout almost every day and have gotten down to 163 pounds and 12% body fat. I have never felt better. You guys rock!