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I can’t say thank you enough to OCC and their staff for what they have done for me.

Steven Shipley

San Marcos, CA
2 Years out of Surgery

For me, my weight loss started as a mental battle. I was always large but not always obese. At a young age, I started hearing small jokes about my size. As the jokes grew, my confidence in my self image shrunk. I started seeing myself as a heavier person than I actually was. My mindset grew to be one of the more harmful elements for me in regards to my weight gain/loss. I tried multiple weight loss programs and supplements towards the end of high school but nothing was sticking for me.

When I graduated high school and moved out on my own, my weight ballooned quickly. At the time, I was recovering from leg surgery and was inactive and my binge eating got out of control. I was living alone and had the freedom to eat whatever I wanted without judgement of friends of family. My weight quickly ballooned.

I had given up on my health for a long time and made a character out of being “Big Steve”. I tried getting healthy every now and then but eventually the want to get healthy dissipated. I was a likable, jolly, big guy, and I was ok with that. I disliked how I looked but at least I was liked. Next thing I knew, I was over 400lbs and it scared me.

I went back on my search to get healthy but at this point I was so heavy that my mind had a hard time overcoming the hurdle of being morbidly obese. I had voluntarily caged myself from social activities. I couldn’t ride a bike, sit on certain furniture, or even get on a treadmill. I was over the weight capacity for nearly everything including gym equipment. I started doing weight loss boot camps and downloaded all the apps, but I was having a hard time getting motivated when I had so much weight to lose. I would lose 60lbs but that was barely a dent in my journey to get to my goal weight that was rapidly becoming more of a dream than a real goal.

I was 425+lbs, 58” waist, and a 6xl shirt when my mom and dad sat me down to talk to me about gastric sleeve. I was both mentally and physically falling apart, wanting a better quality of life desperately, so I agreed to look into it.

Making this decision was hard, what was even harder was looking at all the reviews of people talking about how horrible dealing with insurance was throughout their process in the states. I got on it quickly and scheduled an appointment with a top Los Angeles doctor in this field to start the process promptly. I was already feeling defeated by the process when my family called to tell me about OCC in Mexico. I thought it was a joke, but after extensive research I started looking for any negative reviews but came up empty. It’s seemed too good to be true.

My sister and I booked our surgeries for the same day and started the nutritionist-suggested diet, provided by OCC, promptly. Their nutritionist answered all my questions and calmed me down multiple times during my random freakouts about making the biggest decision of my life.

The medical care and attention I got in Mexico was astounding and the phone and email check ups afterwards were out of sincere care about our wellbeing. When I got back to normal life, the work began to continue my progress ,not only physically, but mentally.

Before this surgery, I had worried that I would not have a social life after surgery. Food was my life. I thought, if my food was taken away, my social life would disappear with it. My life as I knew it did end, but my new life began. I have gained a huge respect for nutrition and study it constantly in my free time, I quit my job in the entertainment industry and started culinary school to engage myself more in healthy, fresh, and natural food with hopes of making a career out of it. I am able to do most social activities and sit on most furniture without the fear of exceeding a weight limit. And mostly, I can shop at almost any clothing store, and say a permanent goodbye to the ones meant only for large men.

I have lost 200+lbs, in a 2xl shirt, and 34” waist. Between my sister and myself, we have lost over 300lbs and have created new lives for ourselves. Lives that we want to live, not lives we are forced to live because of our weight class. The gastric sleeve surgery didn’t solve my problems for me,  I continually work hard to keep changing old mindsets and habits. This surgery did, however, give me back my hope. I said yes to gastric sleeve for one reason, I wanted a better quality of life, and I have gotten that and more.

I can’t say thank you enough to OCC and their staff for what they have done for me.

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