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BMI Calculator

Use the sliders to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), and whether or not you should contact OCC to schedule a weight loss surgery consultation.

BMI Categories

Underweight < 18.5
Normal weight 18.5 - 24.9
Overweight 25 - 29.9
Obesity BMI of 30 or greater

Your Weight: 184 pounds


Your Height: 5' 4"

Your BMI: 32
Surgery Recommended
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I have my energy back. Thank you OCC

Bob Nielson

Idaho Falls, ID

Personal interviews with those who have had surgeries. Impressed with OCC and the staff follow through.

Since my thyroid was removed at age 36, I have had a difficult time losing weight. I tried many options for losing weight but nothing seemed to work long term. I currently work as a dentist and have had multiple patients who have had great success with the gastric sleeve, including surgeries that were completed at OCC. I searched all around the country for information regarding the sleeve and peoples success. Roads seemed to turn to Dr. Ortiz and OCC. In April at age 58, I had the gastric sleeve surgery. I am still on the weight loss journey. My life has changed for the better. I am no longer on blood pressure medication and no loner using my CPAP machine. Heartburn has decreased substantially. Thank you OCC!