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Use the sliders to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), and whether or not you should contact OCC to schedule a weight loss surgery consultation.

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Stacey Reyes

Stacey Reyes

San Clemente, CA
1 Year out of Surgery

Thank you, Dr. Ortiz and everyone at OCC for giving me my life back.

I have always had to worry about my weight my entire life. I would lose weight for a small amount of time but always put it back on plus some. I spent a fortune on supplements, quick fixes, diet plans, but nothing was long-term for me. I had been thinking about weight loss surgery for a couple of years and knew I wanted to go to Mexico as I would not have qualified in the states. I kept researching, then figured if I could do a pre-op diet I could lose it on my own. Wrong. I was all set to go to another facility but decided to do a little more research and found OCC. Last summer, my daughter was to have her big wedding but due to COVID, we had to do a small backyard wedding. I am always the person who stands behind everyone else in pictures but as the mother of the bride, that isn’t possible. When I saw the pictures I cried. Not tears of joy, that is for sure! I knew at that moment that I was going to finally get the surgery done and reached out to OCC. I told a good friend I was finally doing it and she wanted to get it done as well. We had both been talking about it for 2 years. I was already scheduled for late October but I delayed my surgery 3 weeks so we could go together.

It was so wonderful to go with someone else and start the journey together. We talked to each other every day during pre-op, shared recipes, got through the rough times but keeping each other motivated, and drove down to San Diego together to change our lives! I couldn’t believe how smooth everything went and I had zero post-op complications. I felt great the day after surgery, with no pain, no gas issues, no fatigue. Surgery was 11/20/20 and since pre-op which I started 10/20/20, I have gone from 229.4 to 132.6. My OCC goal weight was 145 but I am still losing! I had this surgery at age 56, I am not 57. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old for surgery. As many say, my only regret is not doing it sooner.

I have so much more energy, love shopping for cute clothes-size 2 or 4 pants/shorts and XS/S tops. What?? That is crazy. I go on long hikes, went paddleboarding for the first time and because of the weight loss, I was able to stand up and had a blast. I only fell in three times but what a great feeling to be able to pull myself back on that board and stand right up! The best news is that we are getting a do-over with the wedding pictures since we are still having the big wedding for my daughter in September. I will proudly pose for those photos and I will be excited to see them. I loved the dress I had originally purchased so I bought it again in a much smaller size-from a size 16 to the smallest size they carry, a 4 and it had to be taken in. Thank you, Dr. Ortiz and everyone at OCC for giving me my life back.