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Best decision I have ever made in my life!

Katie Barney

Encino, CA

My baby sister had surgery with Dr. Ortiz first! I saw how great she did so I had to do it for myself!

I was never a thin girl. I was made fun of as a kid. Called miss piggy and the poor fat girl. I had a rough childhood and grew up in foster homes. Food was my emotional savior. Then when I got into my 20s I tried every diet imaginable. Worked out like crazy and I’d lose 40, 50, 60lbs at times… but then I would gain it all back. Finally my baby sister who researched about Dr. Ortiz online kept telling me let’s do it… I was scared.. but then she went and did it and told me how beautiful his facility was and how everything was state of the art equipment. How nice and professional everyone was. Not to mention how handsome Dr. Ortiz was! Always a plus!! Lol but best part of all he is a wonderful kind man who values his profession as a doctor! I went in for surgery December 2011. Great experience from the moment we got there. My sister was with me. Surgery went great I did not have any real bad pain only some gas… LOL. After surgery we stayed in a beautiful hotel they booked and took us to. Then the next day we went back for a check up and everything was great and we left home back to Los Angeles! Recovery was great. I chose to have the lap bad because I wanted to be able to adjust it. I wanted to be able to adjust it when I wanted to have a baby. The crazy part is I was trying to get pregnant for years and my OBG told me I couldn’t get pregnant because of my weight. As soon as I got down to 140… I got pregnant!! I got to adjust my band during my pregnancy to be able to intake a little more calories for the baby! Now I am starting to adjust my back band to get back to losing weight. I know some people didn’t care for the band or it didn’t work for them. But for my sister and I it has been a great success. She’s had 2 babies and I’ve had 1 and we both got to get back to our weight loss once we were ready. Thank you Dr. Ortiz and all of your wonderful staff!! You have really changed my life for the best!! I will always be so grateful!