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From a sad 224lbs to a healthy 130lbs

Alicia Stokes

Winchester , CA

After researching online my different options for weigh loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. I realized OCC was the most accredited and the only Certified Center of Excellence. Watching all of Dr. Ortiz YouTube videos, I learned so much about the different procedures and became more confident and comfortable I made the right decision. I knew that the OCC was the right place for me to have my gastric surgery.

I’ve always been the beautiful, chubby daughter, sister and mom. I struggled with being overweight since I was a teenager. Having my 1st child at the age of 18 I gained about 50lbs, which was the hardest to get rid off. On my delivery day I was 203lbs after that it seem like I could never get under 200lbs. I tried different diets and exercising and some work but at the end the weight always came back. I tried Weight Watchers a couple of times and loss up to 22lbs and in reality you get tired of measuring and writing every bite you take. Then I had twins at the age of 30 and weight 233lbs. Then I move to Tennessee, away from my family and I was suffering from depression and gained more weight. The heaviest I’ve ever been 247lbs. I realized I had no energy to keep up with my twins. My back and knees were always hurting, I was always out of breath and realized I need it to do something about it. I hated buying 2XL clothes and 18-20 size pants. I knew here in the USA my insurance would not pay for the gastric surgery. So I researched my options, set my mind to it and that’s how I ended up at the OCC with Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez. After loosing over 90lbs I feel younger full of energy, no more back and knee pain. I take my supplements everyday, I work out 3-4 times a week and feel like a new person the real me. Best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you OCC, Dr. Ortiz and staff.