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The Newest Weight-Loss Procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Plication (The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve™). Some Are Promoting This as "the most exciting advancement in weight loss surgery since adjustable gastric banding."

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Gastric Plication Surgery in Mexico - Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve®

What is Gastric Plication?

Gastric plication is one of the newest weight loss procedures available, and medical professionals are already calling it the most exciting advancement in the field since the adjustable Lap Band. Also known as the Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve™, this procedure has shown to produce significant weight loss results for patients who are dealing with weight gain and obesity.

Is Gastric Plication Surgery Right for You?

If you are considering any type of bariatric (weight loss) surgery, then you likely already know the frustration of not being able to lose weight on your own:

  • Does your weight gain overwhelm your ability to enjoy life?
  • Have you tried countless other diets, only to watch your weight quickly return to previous levels or increase even higher?
  • Do you lack the physical ability or willpower to implement a rigorous exercise regimen?
  • Are you concerned that obesity is posing a serious risk to your health?
  • Is your inability to lose weight causing depression or feelings of hopelessness?

You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with these same issues every day. But before you throw in the towel completely, it’s important to keep in mind that you still have options.

How is it different from the traditional gastric sleeve?

Gastric plication can be considered an alternative version of the traditional gastric sleeve. Both procedures involve creating a sleeve within the stomach that helps patients feel full faster and consume smaller amounts of food.

However, there are significant differences in how the sleeves are created.

In the traditional method, referred to as sleeve gastrectomy, a thin, approximately 8-inch long vertical sleeve is created through the use of surgical stapling, and a portion of the stomach tissue is removed. In plication surgery, the stomach tissue is not removed. Instead, it is sutured, as described above. That means there is no use of surgical staples, implants or gastric resection (cutting).

Studies have shown that gastric plication can also eliminate some of the potential complications associated with traditional gastric sleeves, because of the suturing process. The procedure has also been recommended as the ideal revision surgery for patients who have experienced complications from Lap band surgery.

A study published in Bariatric Times showed that weight loss outcomes for both male and female patients were very significant and comparable to that of gastric bypass surgery.

Because the procedure has proven to achieve such significant results, it now accounts for roughly half of all weight loss surgeries performed at Obesity Control Center in Mexico.

Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve®

A surgical procedure with a trademark? The reasoning behind this is simple. The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve® evolved from the gastric plication surgery that was introduced over a decade ago  in the middle east and was first performed by  Professor M. Talebpour of Iran. The technique slowly gained popularity among surgeons and a handful of centers mastered the initial technique.  A systematic review of the literature in 2013 was performed and an experience of 1400 cases was reported with most of the cases being performed in Brazil, USA, Czech Republic and Iran. The results though not long term were very promising. Most centers reported over 50 of the excess weight lost in the first year. Most centers also reported complications and no standardized approach.

Still considered an investigational procedures most centers with smaller number of patients stopped performing the procedure as it is difficult to master and when not  performed adequately could lead to complications and poor weight loss. After the initial excitement ten years later only a few centers still perform the procedure.

Over 16,000 Procedures Performed

After 5 years and applying the accumulated experience of a decade and a half, we developed a surgical procedure that mimics the gastric sleeve in its effectiveness but without the need of stapling and cutting off part of the stomach. A technique that is standardized, in other words it can be performed the same way time and time again.

We developed a way to measure exactly to result in the desired size of the stomach and we made the procedure safer. The stomach sparing gastric sleeve is a trademark that uses the key words stomach sparing which mean non mutilating, safer, no cutting no staples. The trademark protects the technique and is only licensed to a few top surgeons around the world after a formal training. Not only do we want to avoid giving the procedure a bad name, we also want to offer the best results possible in a procedure that is durable and produces substantial weight loss.

Rodriguez G. , Martinez A. , Viramontes-So M, et al. A New Bariatric Procedure: The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve™.Surg Tech Int (2015), 27:116-122.
Gastric Plication Surgery

How much does gastric plication cost?

The cost of gastric sleeve plication surgery will vary depending on your specific situation. To discuss your options confidentially with our skilled specialists, please call us toll free at 1-866-893-8005 or complete our contact form.

At Obesity Control Center, we do everything we can to help our patients achieve the life-changing transformation they need – within their budget. Weight loss surgery is more affordable than you may think. But if you have concerns about cost, we are happy to provide helpful financing options to make the decision even easier.

Rest assured, you will receive unparalleled care and undivided attention at Obesity Control Center.

Included in the cost of your gastric plication surgery:

  • 1 night stay at our world-renowned hospital
  • 1 night stay at a local 5-star hotel
  • Luxury transportation to and from the San Diego International Airport
  • Team of three Board Certified surgeons, including two anesthesiologist
  • All operating room costs and surgical materials
  • All pre-op evaluations and follow-up care

Will I be able to keep the weight off?

Any surgery can fail to provide long lasting results after the procedure if challenged. In restrictive procedures most stomachs or pouches will dilate and expand a certain amount to accommodate the increasing amount of food tolerated as time goes by. On average most patients can tolerate around 30% of their pre-surgical intake after the stomach or pouch adjusts. This restriction is enough to maintain the weight loss through the years. Patients that expand their stomach  to a point where they can eat more than 50% of their pre surgical intake can be candidates for a quick stomach revision which entails performing a running stitch to adjust the size of the plicated stomach over a calibration tube. In fact this technique is so effective that patients who have a gastric sleeve with the same type of stomach stretching are candidates for the same technique. A simple sewing of the staple line over a calibration tube to adjust the size of the sleeve. These procedures tend to be quick, with little downtime and very effective where patients regain the original restriction they had after the surgical procedure.

Will I lose restriction 5 years from now?

All surgical procedures are prone to some failure especially those where restriction palys plays a role and the effects of food stretching the stomach or pouch can come into play. There is a window of opportunity of 18 months to 2 years to get to a weigh loss goal. 

How do we prevent ischemia or stomach dying/blood flow issues and herniation?

The Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve® is specifically designed to avoid any and all of the problems documented with the conventional plication technique. One of these problems was the herniation of the folded stomach through the suture line, a portion of the folded stomach popping out of the containment stitch and predisposing this segment to blood flow restriction due to strangulation. The modern technique avoids this by creating a double layer of running sutures that have been designed to contain effectively without tension over the the stomach wall. This is achieved by using smart calibration tubes (proprietary) that measure the pressure inside of the stomach. 
The technique itself is also very similar to the procedure used in treating gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn. This technique entails the wrapping of the stomach around the highest part of the stomach and esophagus. Hundreds of thousands of these surgeries have been performed and without any adverse reactions in the stomach mucosa, in and around the folds, food stasis etc. We now know that the plication surgery has exactly the same benign effects when performed with the modern OCC technique.

What makes OCC plication different from the ones performed elsewhere?

As described in detail in the history of the procedure section, the OCC Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve is a standardized weight loss surgery technique where the goal is to replicate what is done when performing a gastric sleeve with the only difference being that the stomach that the stomach is folded in instead of stapled and resected.

It is a technique where the size of the residual volume is calculated and the pressure of the inside of the stomach is measured while performing the inward folds. The suture materials, the suturing technique, the layers of folds and the specific anatomical points including the fundus, the incisure and the pylorus or outlet have all been addressed in the new technique and are specifically dealt with to avoid any problems as seen with the conventional technique. In fact our series of patients have shown less heartburn symptoms if any after surgery. This is a major difference between this procedure and the gastric sleeve where reflux symptoms after surgery are frequent

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