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Suffering From Complications? Not Achieved Significant Weight Loss?

While Most Patients Are Successful After Weight Loss Surgery, There Are Instances Where Revision Weight Loss Surgery is Required.

  • Lap Band Revision
  • Gastric Sleeve Revision
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Revision

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Weight Loss Surgery Revision in Mexico

Weight Loss Surgery Revision Due to Failed Surgeries

Failed surgeries can create health risks for those who expected dramatic weight loss as a result of their procedures. Regardless of where patients had their surgeries performed, we can permanently restore them and bring relief. In fact, the OCC has become the leader in providing affordable solutions that create life-long solutions.

For a number of reasons, a weight loss procedure can fail to allow the patient to reach his or her goals. Whether it is gastric banding (Lap Band/REALIZE bands), gastrectomy/gastric sleeves, gastroplasty (stomach stapling) or gastric bypass surgery, a failed procedure is both disappointing and a major health issue.

A failed weight loss procedure can be defined as one that has resulted in:

  • Less than 50% loss of excess weight
  • After initial weight loss, the body regaining nearly all of its weight
  • An intolerance to normal foods
  • Signs that the overall quality of life is diminishing
  • Additional health issues caused by the procedure

Unfortunately, thousands of people need to be rescued from these situations. The good news is that the doctors at the Obesity Control Center® are world leaders in dealing with and correcting failed procedures performed by other surgeons.

These situations generally have three root causes. The first is the failure of the restrictive procedure to work correctly because it was originally done incorrectly (technical in nature). Although this is rare, unfortunately there are some occurrences. Second is a mechanical failure that is the result of food transit or body pressure disrupting the procedure. The third is adaptive: that is, the body has adapted to the surgical modifications created by the surgery and created malabsorbtion.

Premier Weight Loss Surgery Revision Provider

The wonderful news is that through OCC you can experience a complete return to the health you anticipated and be back on the road to reaching your weight loss goals. Our 100% based fluoroscopic adjustment can detect problems and resolve them early on. When it comes to band repositioning, after a decade of experience we have developed an anti-slippage approach that can bring you peace of mind.

Don't leave a conversion procedure to chance. Rely on the world leaders who have the experience and the expertise to get you back on track. Lose weight, not hope.

To discuss your specific situation in confidence with an experienced Mexico bariatric surgeon, please call us toll free see the number below.

Weight Loss Surgery Revision
Revision Explained to Patient

What is Revision Weigh Loss Surgery?

Any patient who has had previous weight loss surgery, including patients that have had other gastroesophageal procedures not related to weight loss. What makes revision surgery stand out is the technical difficulty of not only performing the procedure but actually assessing the patient correctly before the procedure and deciding the best course surgical therapy.

Who is a Candidate For a Revision Weigh Loss Sugery?

Weight loss surgery patients that have:

  • A procedure that has failed with evident weight regain.
  • A procedure that did not result in substantial weight loss
  • A procedure with or without substantial weight loss but is producing incapacitating or constant symptoms or complications.
  • Any patient with weight loss surgery where the procedure is considered by the patient or the treating physician as failing or inadequate.

Types of Revision Weigh Loss Surgery

This is a complex question. It requires thorough study of the patient clinically. We always perform and endoscopy and a barium swallow to document the status of the existing procedure and its' integrity. At OCC we specialize in bariatric surgery revisions and have a straight forward approach to dealing with every scenario.

This is a simple list:

Gastric Band to:Gastric Plication to:Gastric Sleeve to:Gastric ByPass to:
Gastric Band RepositioningGastric Plication revision and replicationPlication of the gastric sleeveBand over the ByPass
Gastric Band RemovalGastric Band over PlicationRe-sleeving (re-stapling)Pouch plication
Gastric SleeveGastric ByPassSADIRevision of the Stoma
Gastric ByPassGastric BypassDuodenal SwitchElongation of the limb(s)
Duodenal SwitchDuodenal Switch-Endoscopic Procedures

What are the long-term effects of revision surgery?

When the reason for the revision is corrected the long term effects in general is mitigation of the problem. THe weight loss after a revision depends much on the original weight that was lost and how much was regained before the revision as well as what technique was utilized to revise the patient. Every case is different so discussing this with your surgeon before surgery is ideal. 

What does the Gastric Band (Lap-Band/REALIZE Band) do?

It is an adjustable collar placed surgically around the highest part of the stomach providing a way to regulate the amount of food that can pass as well as providing a feeling of satiation early after eating.

What are the long-term results of the band?

There are multiple variables that determine the outcome of a patients result after gastric banding: who and how the band was placed, how the patient adhered to the post surgical instructions, how and how many band adjustments (fills) were performed, how many times a patient had issues with the band (episodes of blockage, regurgitation etc) how quickly the band was loosened after each episode, etc.

Because of this delicate balance there are reports that up to 30% of the patients with bands will be getting the procedure revised and the band removed.

There are hundreds of thousands of patients with bands that went on to normal body weight and healthy lives as well. At OCC we have performed thousands of gastric banding procedures and pay special attention to keep this delicate balance that procedures exceptional outcomes.

Why the band and not a sleeve or plication?

Every patient has a different motivation for having a weight loss procedure. Patients also have their specific preference over any other procedure. Patients find gastric bands appealing because of its simple non invasive nature, adjustability and quick recovery of the procedure.

Weight Loss Surgery Revision Before and After

Weight Loss Surgery Revision Videos

Revision Band To Sleeve Part 1
Sleeve Revision, Fully Explained to Patient
Sleeve Revision

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