Lap Band Failure Weight Loss in Mexico

When a weight loss procedure fails it is both personally discouraging and it can create significant health issues. There is absolutely no reason you should settle for this. That’s why Obesity Control Center has developed a proven solution. for failed lap-band surgery. Here is a personal message on the topic by Dr. Ariel Ortiz, surgical director at OCC, on what your next steps should be:

“Let me begin by saying that I have dealt with this situation hundreds of times and performed countless surgeries to correct previously performed procedures that were done incorrectly by other surgeons, many in the United States. The good news is that this is a situation that can be easily resolved.

“The bottom line is this: if your original surgery has failed to provide substantial weight loss or you’re gaining weight again, you have a failed lap band procedure.

When a gastric band fails, several things can happen:
• Restriction is lost
• Patients develop additional symptoms
• They stop losing weight, or
• They gain weight.

When this occurs the first thing we do is conduct a 5-minute fluorodynamic study which will determine if the problem can be resolved with minor medical therapy or will require a surgical revision. Learn more about the Band Rescue revision surgery in this video.

Even patients that have severe symptoms can sometimes be rescued simply by readjusting the tightness of their gastric lap-band. Sometimes, however, a repositioning of the gastric lap-band might be required. Or, if the patient desires or one of our surgeons suggests, a conversion to a different weight loss procedure such as a gastric sleeve, gastric plication or gastric bypass might be the best solution. Gastric sleeve surgery (especially via IGS, Improved Gastric Sleeve) is an especially popular procedure here at Obesity Control Center.

It’s this simple: If you have less than ideal weight loss with your lap-band, you have stopped losing weight, you are gaining weight or simply are not happy with your procedure, please talk with us today.

We can quickly determine the root-cause of the failed lap-band and help provide you with the best possible solution. Let’s get you back on track and reaching your weight loss goals.

Please make a decision today to continue your weight loss journey. You should not go one more day suffering as a result of a failed procedure. Your situation can be corrected quickly, easily and completely. Please pick up your phone and call me personally.”