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Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Advanced Procedures for Weight Loss

Mexico Weight Loss Surgery Center

Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

OCC has been designated an SRC Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. It means we meet and exceed the highest international surgical standards and it’s a statement few American hospitals can make.


Dr. Ariel Ortiz ® is honored to have been selected by Newsweek magazine as one of the top surgeons in America.

Teen Weight Loss Surgery As Seen in The Oprah Winfrey Show

As Seen in The Oprah Show

Dr. Ariel Ortiz® and one of his teenage patients featured in the Oprah Show, watch the entire story.  * Results may vary

Our effective approaches include the gastric band (lap band), gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric plication.

Weight Loss Options

We share this distinction with such prestigious medical centers as Princeton University Healthcare, New York University, University of California San Diego, UCLA, Washington University, Mount Sinai Hospital, and George Washington University among others.

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We understand the sensitive, complex nature of obesity and how overwhelming it can be. We are committed to providing unsurpassed care and safety for every patient

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We would like to help you to make an educated decision, our extensive video library will provide patients stories as well as Dr. Ortiz® sharing information about common topics when undergoing weight loss surgery.

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We are with you every step of the way with our iPhone or Android app! It's not about losing weight. It is about losing fat, increasing lean mass and maintaining a good balance.

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In order to be successful in bariatric surgery, in the setting of medical travel, the preoperative evaluation and patient education component are critical. To ensure a successful outcome preoperative education, continuity of care and long-term follow-up are essential components.

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Welcome To Obesity Control Center®

Obesity Control Center® is widely recognized as one of the world's leading facilities for weight loss surgery. We have performed more than 22,000 bariatric (weight loss) procedures at our state-of-the-art facility, using the safest, most effective techniques in the medical industry – several of which were pioneered by our own surgeons. Our Mexico weight loss surgery center focuses on advanced gastric procedures and other weight management solutions. We are committed to providing unsurpassed care and safety for every patient, in a medical center that is multi accredited in quality and safety.

We understand the sensitive, complex nature of obesity and how overwhelming it can be. It affects not just people's physical well-being, but also their psychological health, relationships, career and every other aspect of their lives. That's why Obesity Control Center specializes in several of the leading gastric procedures. Bariatric surgery patients who have undergone faulty or failed surgeries at other surgical centers often come to our center to have revision bariatric surgery.

Multi-Accredited Facility and Surgeons:  Industry Leaders

Obesity Control Center Hospital, Medical Practice, Staff and Surgeons are all accredited by the Top International HealthCare Accreditation Organizations including:  Surgical Review Corporation, Joint Commission International and the Mexican Council of Health. The objective of Accreditation is a thorough assessment and external peer assessment process used by health care organizations in the United States and the rest of the world to accurately assess their level of performance in relation to established standards and to implement ways to continuously improve in patient quality and safety looking closely at every aspect of Medical Care. 

Weight Loss Surgery Videos

This section is our favorite! Here, you will be able learn from other patients experience as well as procedures, techniques and tips presented by Dr. Ariel Ortiz. Visit our bariatric video gallery

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