Complication-Free Surgery: Is it Possible?

Obesity Control Center adheres to the highest safety standards in the industry. We offer innovative surgical techniques at our fully-accredited surgical center to ensure our patients enjoy safe and successful procedures. We offer technology that exceeds U.S. standards and an expert team that has more than 50 years of combined experience and 25,000 successful bariatric surgeries. When patients come to Obesity Control Center for their bariatric surgery, they can rest assured they will receive superior care in a highly specialized environment designed specifically for their needs. 

Early Surgical Complications

Bariatric surgery complications are not uncommon and the rate has been published in the medical literature. At OCC, our complication rate is one of the lowest in the world at less than one percent of all our patients. The nature of bariatric surgery requires surgeons to set the goal to avoid a complication before it ever happens. At OCC, less than 1% of our over 25,000 procedures have had a surgical complication and have been treated successfully at our surgical center without the need to refer to a different center.

We regularly analyze those rare outcomes that are less than ideal and dedicate our efforts to identify the variables that can be influenced to improve our outcome even more.


Infection Rate 


Infections can be a serious complication for bariatric surgery and must be avoided at all costs.
Thanks to the pioneering techniques and surgical quality that has earned us an SRC recognition, we are able to keep the surgical site infection rate below 0.001%. This ensures our patients recover safely from their surgery with fewer setbacks that can impact their safety and the success of their surgery.


Our Surgical Center’s 0% Mortality Rate

There are many variables in bariatric surgery that can lead to an undesirable outcome. This has been well documented over the years in medical literature. At OCC, safety is our priority and it is evident in our safety and mortality rates. We are constantly improving our processes and post-surgical program as we keep our commitment to quality and safety for every patient that walks through our doors.


Over 25,000 Patients

Obesity Control Center is a trusted bariatric center in North America. Our patients are mostly from the USA and Canada, but we also receive some overseas patients from Europe and Asia as well as patients from Mexico. Thanks to our innovations in techniques and standardized clinical procedures, our average hospital stay is usually less than 24 hours with extremely low complication and readmission rates. Patients have the confidence in knowing they are in the best possible hands when they choose Obesity Control Center for their bariatric surgery.