Our Nutritional Philosophy

At OCC we have dedicated a decade and a half to helping patients reach their ideal weight through bariatric surgery. We’ve used industry-leading science to conduct over 25,000 successful surgeries in Tijuana, and we’ve learned a lot. This experience has resulted in deepening our understanding of obesity and healthy weight loss. It would seem that dramatic weight-loss many times does not result in a healthier individual.

We live in a world where overweight and obese are the “new normal” and are now considered a global epidemic that threatens our very existence. Humans have never produced more food in the history of the world. Could this explain the epidemic? How can there be so much food and yet the top diseases afflicting the world are obesity and malnourishment, many times coexisting in the same individual?

How Nutrition Can Reverse the Negative Effects of Obesity

Modern science now understands that being overweight or obese in, in fact, a state of malnourishment. In other words, calorie-dense foods are void in essential micronutrients necessary to maintain health.

Industrialized food processing produces attractive marketable and often long shelf-life food products void of micronutrients that are essential for health. This condition creates hunger at a cellular level that perpetuates the cycle. We are literally starving ourselves fat! Fat in turn raises havoc in our metabolic balance creating diseases adding insult to injury through diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Obesity and diabetes are still increasing around the world. Our food is grown in nutrient-depleted soils, animals fattened artificially in feedlots, mass grains production of subsidized GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) include corn, soy, and wheat, bought off pennies on the dollar to manufacture processed food resulting in an abundance of cheap food with no nutrients. Recent studies have confirmed that none of the programs focused on better habits and nutrition have worked globally! The future looks grim.

“You can’t starve an individual back to health, you have to nourish him!”

Weight-loss and metabolic health depend on your eating choices. Nutrients are not limited to a specific mechanism in the body but rather they come to the fore as the fundamental way to heal the body. While each person may choose to have bariatric surgery with different health objectives in mind, nutrition is at the core for long term success. At OCC we are committed to optimizing cellular health through nutrient-rich food and supplements, especially when the volume of food that the stomach can hold is significantly reduced, and in doing so, you will foster your body’s natural ability to repair itself. At the end of the day, the weight-loss journey is a healing process.

Modern research also agrees that most of the chronic and degenerative diseases have a direct relationship with what we eat and how we nourish our bodies. It has also shown that chronic diseases related to malnutrition can be reversed!  We believe that Hippocrates’ famous quote: “Let food be your Medicine” is full of wisdom, but unfortunately, he didn’t count on the industry’s ability to screw up the meaning of food! Major medical and nutritional societies around the world now agree that ALL patients undergoing weight loss (with or without surgery) and those who follow restrictive diets should avoid carbohydrates and toxins and replenish nutrients through nutrient-dense food and supplements.

OCC’s Comprehensive Nutrition Plan

The OCC comprehensive medical and nutritional education program is the result of the lessons gleaned from our patients’ journeys, our own experience as health providers, and the experience gained from the application of evidence-based medical and nutrition therapies.

Our bodies thrive on nourishment and require essential micronutrients to ward off disease and sustain health.

The OCC comprehensive medical and nutritional education program is the result of the lessons gleaned from our patients’ journeys, our own experience as an international team of health providers, and the experience gained from the application of evidence-based medical and nutrition therapies. The OCC’s nutritional program has three specific pillars of intervention which specifically target the nutritional imbalances associated with essential body functions that are the underlying cause of disease and health conditions. These pillars consist of:


High-sugar diets are detrimental to health. Sugar is found naturally in many foods and it is added to most processed foods. It is associated with conditions such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, elevated triglycerides, premature aging, obesity, diabetes, PCOS, and high blood pressure. This first stage will make it easy to eliminate the various sugars and carbohydrates available and will guide you to healthier options.


The exposure to toxins disrupts not only human weight control systems but a range of physiological problems that contribute to today’s chronic diseases.  Throughout life, we gradually accumulate hundreds of chemicals that become toxicants (toxins) in our bodies. Our health depends not only on the level of exposure but on how well we can eliminate them.  Many organs can be affected by a high toxic load. To mention a few: the liver, the microbiome (known as gut bacteria which are the first line of immune defense and hormonal modulation), the skin, the brain, the lungs, and the kidneys. During this stage, we make sure to provide, in a practical and simple way, key nutrients from foods and supplements that will support detoxification, prevent oxidation, and help reduce chronic inflammation.

infographic that illustrates our nutritional philosophy for weight loss at OCC in Tijuana


Longevity, wellbeing, and the state of health are inextricably dependent on gut-health and cellular nutrition. A great many systemic conditions have a gastrointestinal dysfunction component. By following our nutrition principles, the digested food will replenish nutrients that will contribute to repairing the digestive system, repopulate the gut with good bacteria, and optimize the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, the food you eat and the supplements you’ll take will provide the necessary elements for cell function and balance. The benefits of this deep approach are not only to reduce symptoms such as joint pain, muscular and cognitive fatigue, lack of energy, behavioral problems, headaches or the obvious stomach and intestinal pain but it will also regulate the body’s ability to get rid of excess weight and reduce chronic inflammation -the leading route of most chronic and degenerative diseases. 

At the core of the OCC, the program is the liver’s and microbiome’s health, the metabolic response, and the hormonal balance needed to accelerate weight -loss and gain health. The foundation of our approach is to provide the necessary tools to support your body’s own natural ability to get back to health! 

Post-Operative Problems Associated With The Gastric Sleeve

Nutrition after Your Bariatric Surgery

In the immediate post-operative stage, the use of specific nutrients for wound healing have demonstrated a decrease in wound complication risks and improve the overall experience. The post-op nutritional plan will help you meet the hydration needs and the nutritional demands for adequate recovery. Right after the recovery process and during the extreme weight-loss stage we will ask you not to make food choices based on overall weight but to track body fat and to be mindful about toxic-free and low-carb food and supplements. This change of mindset along with the surgical restriction will create a healthy environment that will empower you to make long-lasting lifestyle changes. As Albert Einstein once said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”. Thus, this is the time to learn food-related skills and the attitude and the ability to make healthier choices! 

After weight loss or metabolic surgery, many obesity-related comorbid conditions may resolve or improve and most of the weight will come off. Our objective is to help you learn how to use the surgery as a tool to make significant and long-lasting dietary changes that will improve your quality of life in the years to come.

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