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Ajuste de la banda de vuelta

The Obesity Control Center is a world leader in gastric band (Lap-Band) surgeries and our surgeons have performed more procedures of this type than anyone else in the world. Our surgeons are not only among the most qualified in the world, they also serve as instructing doctors having trained many of the leading American surgeons in this field.



An Adjustable Gastric Band is like a balloon wrapped up around your stomach. A gastric band should restrict your eating to about a third of your pre-surgical intake. If you can eat more than a third, you may need a “fill” or adjustment of the band. You must eat only solid foods since the band’s design restricts only solids. If you are eating mostly soft or liquid foods, we cannot evaluate the need for a fill. These foods will easily pass through the band even when adequately restricted. However, after a year, even when following all proper protocols, some patients may not lose weight. They require a small adjustment to “fine-tune” their band to resume weight loss. With over 23,000 procedimientos and innovative techniques, Centro de control de la obesidad is a world-leader in Lap-Band and bariatric surgery. We are the busiest standalone center of excellence in metabolic and bariatric surgery and this gives us a unique advantage, especially when it comes to the Lap-Band. Lap-Band surgery is an effective medical procedure that has helped countless people get over the enormous hurdle of losing weight.

For many people, losing weight isn’t as simple as starting a new diet or implementing a new exercise routine. All over the world, millions of people struggle to achieve weight loss for a number of reasons, both medical and psychological.

How do I know if I need a Lap-Band adjustment?

It is not the same for everyone. We can only determine a precise fill for each individual at that exact moment in time. Even if your fill volume (1 to 3 milliliters) results in the perfect restriction, this may not be the case months later. Several things determine the right fill, including your weight. The more you weigh, the thicker your stomach is. As you lose weight and your stomach becomes thinner, you may need a tighter adjustment. The adaptation of your esophagus and stomach also plays a role in restriction. Sometimes when air catches in your band (when your band is new), the amount of fill may vary. Thus, the liquid does not slip out, but air will diminish the total fill volume.

Our physicians perform fills under X-ray. This procedure will permit us to visualize the size of the fill and the level of tightness produced when we inflate the band. We do this by accessing the port under the skin with a thin needle. This is a quick and painless procedure. Once the port is accessed, we ask the patient to swallow the liquid barium that shows up under an x-ray. You will marvel at seeing how the barium goes down your esophagus and then stops at the band. You will then see how your upper pouch (new stomach) fills, pauses, then slowly goes through and passes the band. We measure how long it takes the barium to pass. We determine whether we have the correct tightness, giving you the amount of restriction necessary for weight loss. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes.

We will expect you to be on liquids for a couple of days for you and your body to get used to your new fill. Some people will try to eat solid food while driving or flying back home, but the food gets stuck, which then becomes a medical emergency to remove liquid from the band. This means you MUST follow medical orders after a fill. To learn more about lap band, visit


  1. Un cuarto de siglo especializado en el campo de la cirugía de adelgazamiento. Fuimos algunos de los primeros en actuar procedimientos quirúrgicos bariátricos.
  2. Tres maestros cirujanos bariátricos cuidando a cada paciente. Siempre estará en manos de un cirujano altamente capacitado y de renombre mundial.
  3. Fully accredited as an SRC Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. We have also obtained the Golden Seal awarded by the Joint Commission International that signifies that we met the highest standards in patient safety and quality available.
  4. Pioneros en el campo, incluidas varias técnicas registradas, dispositivos patentados y muchas "primicias" en el campo, como los tratamientos para la obesidad en adolescentes, la manga gástrica mejorada, la manga gástrica que ahorra estómago, la Double-Buttress Sewing Technique and more.
  5. Recuperación más rápida y mejores resultados. Tiempos más cortos bajo anestesia y técnicas de conservación de la pared abdominal menos invasivas.
  6. Educación y preparación preoperatorias para pacientes únicos y programa de seguimiento de 5 años, ¡una primicia en la industria!

Lap-Band Adjustment FAQs

¿Cómo me preparo para la cirugía gástrica?

Preparation is key for a successful outcome. Additional requirements may be suggested depending on your specific case.

La pérdida de peso preoperatoria desintoxicará su hígado, lo hará más liviano y dará como resultado un procedimiento de pérdida de peso más rápido y seguro con menos impacto en su estado general. Incluso el 5% de la pérdida total de peso corporal resultará en una mejora dramática en su capacidad para responder al estrés quirúrgico.

Is getting Lap-Band surgery in Mexico safe?

At OCC, we have over 22,000 patients that have traveled to our center. We are less than half a mile away from the international border to the U.S.A. Tijuana is now the second busiest medical destination for the traveling patient. At OCC, we are glad to be an essential part of this great reputation.

Are there any complications for lap-band?

A common occurrence for banded patients is the regurgitation of non-acidic swallowed food from the upper pouch, commonly known as PB’ing (Productive Burping). This is not to be considered normal. The patient should consider eating less, eating more slowly, or chewing their food more thoroughly. Occasionally, the narrow passage into the larger / lower part of the stomach may become blocked by a large portion of unchewed or unsuitable food.

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