Part 3: Asking For What You Need

There are things that we need – from our environment, or from others, for us to have power, and to operate with our “best foot forward.”

For some, that means we need a lot of attention, encouragement and perhaps even clear and exact instructions on how to go about it, when it is due, and a lot of support along the way.

For still others, they need no supervision at all. Leave them alone and just let them get the job done. They’ll let you know when it’s ready – and if you bother them while they are working, it will only defeat the purpose.

Some need a lot of people around to perform. Others need silence and quiet to concentrate.

We are so used to “making do with what we’ve got”, and not asking for what we need to succeed and perform, because we do not relate to ourselves as having the “right” to “need” anything! We’re supposed to have this all handled, right?

But that’s not how humanity works. And that’s not how power and performance work.

For you to perform at your peak, you must have everything that you need lined up, and ready to go. Yes, you actually have to learn to ask what you need to succeed.

This is NOT the same as being “NEEDY.” This is not at all, in any way, your being in need, or having a lack of, or not being able or worthy. This just simply means that to be Super Woman, you need a few tools in your magic bling belt, to whip out and slay the demons and dragons with! Like any SUPERPOWER, you, too, need a little here and there.

Be the STAR That You Are!

For you to live a balanced life full of joy, peace and fulfillment you also need 3 magical tools

  1. Indulge yourself in what you are passionate about on a regular basis.
  2. Acknowledge and appreciate yourself for all the ways that you have of getting the job done to your own satisfaction, and to being proud of yourself and how you accomplish your goals and ambitions.
  3. Be clear about what you need from yourself, from others, and from your environment, to win at the game of life. And learn to speak up and ask for, and demand, what you need to perform.

And, when all else fails, learn to use a fabulous tool to move mountains and part the Red Seas …

Blog 4 in “Be The Star That You Are” will address the final behavioral tool for you … STRESS BEHAVIORS!

Don’t miss this one! I actually give you PERMISSION to throw a hissy-fit meltdown!