Trend or Fact. Are Probiotics Really Necessary?

Trend or Fact. Are Probiotics Really Necessary?

Trend or fact? Are probiotics really necessary?

Dysbiosis, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, gluten, lactose intolerance, helicobacter pylori, immune and allergic response; what do these conditions have in common?


The microbiota is an ensemble of microorganisms that live in our intestine, and is often refer to as an “acquired organ” due to its direct impact to our health:

◦     Aids in food digestion.

◦     Produces vitamins, such as Vitamin K and some Vitamin B´s.

◦     Combats harmful bacteria

◦     Provides a barrier effect, an important role in the immune system

◦     Improves gut function, including better absorption of nutrients


Probiotics are good bacteria that should be brought to us by food. Americans may not be getting enough from the SAD (Standard American Diet) and for people who eat fewer calories, as in weight loss treatments, this is even a more difficult challenge.

Probiotics from supplements are a well-worthy investment for anyone, especially for those who suffer from poor gut function and have an immune condition, from allergies to thyroid issues. My recommendation is to supplement with different strains of probiotics, For Life!

A not so common strain is Saccaromyces boulardii – found in VITALEPH´s chewable probiotics, in addition to improved gut function and immune response, this strain also prevents diarrhea from antibiotics – band Traveler´s diarrhea too!

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