We Are The Heroes

We Are The Heroes

We Are The Heroes

I recall saying, “I don’t even know what my life will look like on the other side of this surgery.” I had spent my entire life time dealing with being fat, compensating for being fat, and dressing very well to ignore the fact that I was fat.

How did I develop so many compensation behaviors? I become strong, smart, and articulate. It wouldn’t matter what my body size was. I was professional, accomplished, and smart as a whip. Said another way, I developed some great personality strengths to win at the game of life … to compensate for being broken, out-of-control, or seemingly “inept.”

My strengths were developed to compensate for my perceived weaknesses. That is how human beings evolve and mature. We develop ourselves brilliantly to overcome, or compensate for, “not being enough”, or “being too much.” These personality strengths become our tools to win at the game of life.

This is perfectly normal. Everyone develops these. Your IQ does not matter. It is what makes human beings so miraculous – we don’t just adapt to our environment, we excel at it, we overcome it, we defy all odds and win our own personal battles.wed-i

Some would say we lose. But show me one human being – fat or skinny — and I will show you one miraculous being. Male, female, tall, short, rich, poor, well-educated, little or no education, brilliant or developmentally handicapped … and I will show you a miracle of life.

Why? Because we have to power to create. To adapt. To compensate for. To win.

And yes, we all have our past to remind us of challenges. But if you look closer, you can also see how you have met those challenges, picked yourself up, and dusted off your britches.

And got back in the ring.

Those of us who choose bariatric weight-loss surgery are real heroes. We have picked ourselves up time after time. We have created new approaches, and have shown ourselves to be absolutely resilient to life. We have adapted, learned, gone at it again, and then stumbled, only to pick ourselves back up all over again.

Some would say that bariatric weight-loss surgery is the easy way out.

I would disagree with that. The past 5 years of my life has been a demonstration of the true grit that I have had to muster. It would have been much easier to not go this final mile, to give in to all the naysayers, to all the evidence of why or why not, and to just down another Frappuccino or Cheese Burger and Fries as I popped my daily medication for Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Accept Fate? Hell No! Not us.

We are the warriors for a life that is actually possible. We do not trek the path of “what’s probable.” We fly in the face of a lifetime of evidence, and, on behalf of our own future, we take any and all action required to intervene in the inevitable.

We are the heroes.

Thank you for being you. Thank all you for being that big.

You inspire me. What a ride.



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