Take Action

Take Action

Take Action

There comes a moment in time when you look at yourself in the mirror and take stock of yourself. You peer into your inner Self and assess how life is going for you. Furthermore, you take that a cut deeper, and now look at how life is probably going to keep on going, unless you take some swift and direct action.

And you WAKE UP! This “predictable future” is just NOT ok with you.!

What makes a bariatric weight-loss client so unique is that we don’t just dream about how life might be different if we lost our weight – we actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We take ACTION.

You did that. You voted for YOU. You actually intervened, and derailed the “predictable” future! You took charge of YOUR OWN LIFE.

THAT is pretty revolutionary!thur-i

I know exactly when I finally made up my mind. Like most people, I considered bariatric weight-loss surgery for about 3 years. I researched the different methods, doctors, centers, and options. I began the programs, applied to my insurance company, and got denied – even though I have countless health risk factors.

Looking back, my only regretis that it took me so long to choose my Self. I regret only that I didn’t get my surgery sooner.

That is a sentiment that almost every single individual I have spoken with echoes. Their only regret is that they did not get this done sooner.

The difference between a dream and a possibility is action. Dreamers dream, but do not take the required actions to turn their dreams into reality.

But those who create a possibility also create the strategies and orchestrate the required action steps to turn that possibility into reality.

Our formula for success is … Possibility + Action = A New Reality.

A pitfall to success, however, is that you live in a network of people that have opinions, judgments and criticisms of how you should do life, if you are going to do it right. They have your best interests at heart, but their viewpoint is one of “don’t stray from being normal like the rest of us. Don’t become different.”

This is perfectly normal, but it does indicate that your possibility is like a small baby that needs to be protected and nourished.

For those of us embarking on this journey, or who have already taken the plunge, we know that our most vulnerable moments vanish the moment we get on the OCC Forum, on one of the OCC Facebook or Social Media sights, and we get into a “Crowd-Conversation” that supports what we are doing. We now become someone that is not different, and yet we are still unique. We have something to say to each other and we become each other’s champions. We share recipes, tips, tricks, and we dole out buckets of love and understanding and compassion.

We stand vigil over each other’s hopes, dreams, possibilities and actions. We stand vigil over each other’s lives.

We stand vigil over each other as the miracle that each of us is.

Thank you for being that big. Thank you for being YOU.


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