New Life Practices

New Life Practices

After bariatric weight loss surgery, it’s common for patients to report that they have great days and not-so-great days. Some days you might be full of vitality and want to run marathons, and some days it’s all you can do to get out of bed. What’s up with this?

This is not an uncommon experience for those of us that have chosen bariatric weight-loss surgery. Please check in with Lucia Chavez, the nutritionist at OCC, to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

And don’t forget to look into your rest and sleep patterns! Make sure you are sleeping deeply and getting all the rest you need!newlife

Once that checks out, it might be useful to take a look at what is going on in your life? What changes have been going on since your surgery? What have you been dealing with? Relationship issues? Career challenges? Family obligations?

We all deal with stress in our own way. Some of us withdraw and shut down, needing quiet and alone time. Some need a lot of interaction with others, nightlife, noise and hurry-up-and-go! Still others need to get their lives reorganized — clean out those drawers, rearrange the closet, get the car cleaned and waxed, balance their checkbook. Still others need to roll-up their sleeves and get into action! Alone! They will move mountains, when left alone, and tackle something that they can actually accomplish!

Whatever your style, make sure you plan time for these new life practices every single day. It is what balances you, what balances out all the commitments and obligations of your life, with how you, as an individual, need to operate so that you get what you need, as well. We get moody and “shut down” when we are not taking care of ourselves. When we don’t put ourselves and what we need first, or at least equal to all the others that count on us for what THEY need.

Plan an “I love me” day. Set everybody up to win, and then have YOU win, as well. This should be a day to give you the time, and the space, to give yourself what you need so that your stress level goes down. I am not advocating a spa day at a 5-star resort – that may or may not give you what you need! I AM advocating that you build time into your life, every single day, to go about making life great for yourself.

Without you, nobody else gets served. Without you also getting served, YOU get all used up, and have nothing left to give to others.

Giving yourself what YOU need is NOT an indulgence … it’s occupational therapy!

Do you have a recharge strategy you would like to tell us about? Please visit us in the forum.


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