Be The Star That You Are

Be The Star That You Are

Part 1: Interests

We think of ourselves as some sort of “whole”, but in reality, we are actually “run” by 4 different behavioral clues. Managing yourself for success is an ongoing practice of balancing these four different behavioral influences that impact your viewpoint on life, your attitude, your mood, and your vitality.


What are you interested in? What do you love? What are you passionate about? What just lights you up and turns you on? What has you become alive?3-10-15-BeAStar-i

Think of categories like reading/literature, music, history, social work, people, cooking and/or entertaining, dining out, fashion, travel and adventure. Are you a history buff, and love to dive into archived journals of long ago?

Perhaps you like to figure things out and make them work. Or putter around, doing yard work and gardening, building and remodeling? Maybe you are an outdoor enthusiast, and love physical adventures like skiing, running, biking, surfing or mountain climbing!

Still others find their “true north”in scientific discovery or mechanical problem-solving.

We are often so focused on producing results at work, or delivering on family commitments and obligations, that we leave little or no time for our Self. We view our own interests as an indulgences, perhaps even as a reward for staying on task and getting an important task complete. We view our own “interests” as distractions to what we “should” be doing.

Our Interests are actually our key to happiness and satisfaction in life. We manage our “stress-of-success” and experience our lives as “balanced” when we regularly indulge in our “interests” into our lives.

Without them, we quickly become resentful with the amount of generosity and dedication we give to others, and start viewing ourselves as “victims” of our own goals and commitments.

One client I worked with loved to ride her horse. She thought it was a huge indulgence to give herself that time. Her job as a restaurant manager required long hours every day, and the weekdays ran over into weekends and holidays. On top of that commitment, she also was responsible for her mother’s care. There was literally no time for her Self.

Once she realized, however, that her own interests were actually occupational therapy, the guilt trip of “indulging myself when I should be doing something that matters”” vanished. She started scheduling “me” time out on the farm with her horse, and she was restored to her joy of being alive, and empowered with a renewed vision of her commitments. All because she reclaimed some “Self” time in an activity that she was totally passionate about.’

What are you interested in? Passionate about?

What have you been putting off, negotiating away, or even “deleting” from the task-bar of your life?

How have you been robbing yourself of your own joy and satisfaction?

Get out your calendar or time management tool. Be the star that you are! Schedule at least 3 occasions each week to indulge yourself in the pure joy of being YOU!

Learn to love yourself, even as you love others!


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