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Hayleigh Patton. from Anchorage

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

My mother told me about it. It was what felt like the greatest and only option.

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From hate to love

As a child I was forced to starve due to my step fathers sexist and objectifying views of woman. He made fun of me because I was fat, he made me feel I was no good so I just kept putting on more and more weight to fill an emotional void I had. It served as a protection against people I didn't like and my humor and loving nature would filter in any good people who would actually be interested in me. But I wasn't happy. For years I was miserable, self loathing and downright awful to myself. When I was 23 my ma showed me OCC. and that was it. I made my change then and their. Immediately I started watching pounds slip right off. I'm 150 now. I couldn't be happier. I was. Early 400 at my highest. And I'm just so glad to feel free once again.

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