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Crysana Butler. from Citrus Heights

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

I was very scared about choosing a doctor out of the country however,after doing alot of research I found that the OCC was the best and most reputably on the internet even though they were a little more pricier that did not change my mind but instead helped to reassure me in making my decision.

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Long awaited road to better health

After spending well over a decade batteling with my weight and a thyroid issue. I felt it was time for a serious change. I knew that with my busy life I didnt have the time to commit to myself so I felt this was the next best thing at jump starting my life. Since losing over 80 pounds my health has changed drastically. I no longer have feet issues, i am no longer pre diabetic. And i can actually run where before I couldnt without running out of breath. Even the simplest thing like tyeing my shoes was difficult and now I can do it with ease. Thank you OCC for changing my life! I feel great!

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