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Claudia Gooris - De Borger. from Corona

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

After meeting 2 woman on a Hawaii cruise that had very successful surgery's at OCC , I researched Dr Ortiz and different Doctors in different Countries. [Luxembourg, Belgium, US, Mexico]. Dr. Ortiz credentials are the best. I could not have asked for a better surgeon.

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I am happy, I am healthy and I am enjoying the life I always wanted.

After being overweight for 25 years and turning almost 50 I knew I had to do something to regain my life back. I am a very active person and loves to travel but because of my weight i was restricted of doing a lot of fun things. I could almost not fit in an airplane seat anymore and walking up steps became hard. Now I am almost 3 years out and 200 + pounds less. I have finally reached my goal at 148 pounds , 2 years after sleeve operation with Dr.Ortiz and Dr Martinez. I also had Arm and Breast lift and skin removal in November . Followed by a belt-Lipectomy in March and Extended Thigh lift and Upper Eye Lid Surgery in June. And Skin removal from legs in September. All Plastic Surgeries were done by Dr Medina Sanchez at OCC , he is the Chief of Plastic Surgery . My Results are amazing and I had no complications. There are before and after pictures in my profile Gallery. If you are looking into Plastic surgery After weight loss, I highly Recommend Dr Medina. After dramatic weight loss you are faced with Loose skin. Yes, I will have scars, but they are worth it. And they become a very fine line that you can almost not see anymore. Well worth the results. I love my Plastic Surgery results. I made me more confident, I feel good about myself, I enjoy a lot more of what life has to offer. I can go out in public without feeling that people are looking at me differently.I am healthy. I love traveling and now I can fit easily and comfortable in a middle seat on the plane. And after 30 years of hiding I bought a bikini, that i proudly wore this summer at age 50. I have rediscovered myself. Thank you Dr Medina Sanchez, Dr Ortiz, Dr Martinez and the staff at OCC for your help on my life journey . It has been a wonderful experience

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