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OCC PATIENT TESTIMONIALS, Florida - Patient Story.

Ivonne M Seco. from Key Largo

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

The reputation of the doctor and the price

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I was given a second chance in life!

My story began on September 18, 2015, that's when I decided that I was going to undergo surgery outside the United States. Frankly it was very scary but today I know that it was the best choice I've ever made in my life. The surgeons and the staff at OCC made me feel at ease, with their love and professionalism I knew that I had made the right choice. My surgery was October 12, 2015, I was 230 pounds when I started the journey, today I'm happy to say that I weight 165 pounds 13 weeks later. I can't say it has been all easy, but for sure it's been worth it. Thank You Dr. Ortiz, my Angel.

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