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OCC PATIENT TESTIMONIALS, Montana - Patient Story.

Tamara Barnhart. from Billings

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Reasons to choose Dr. Ortiz at OCC.

My friend had gone to Dr Ortiz and has amazing results.

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I’ve always struggled with my weight

My struggle with weight has been a life long journey. I tried exercises and diets but couldn’t lose weight. If I did lose weight, it wasn’t much. After the birth of my daughter 13 years ago, my weight shy rocketed. I was boarder line high blood pressure and diebetes. I had 3 back surgeries and didn’t want to continue to have more. I had surgery 12/28/17. I have lost 100 pounds since and am still losing. My best friend and sister in law have now gone to Dr Ortiz and had the sleeve procedure done. They are both doing great as well. Thank you Dr Ortiz and staff!!

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